In Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Sharda calls home to enquire about Dadi. Suresh
picks the call and gives it to Dadi. Dadi talks to her. Suresh
overhears their conversation. Sharda tells Sakshi that she has been
missing her family and pigeons. Sakshi cheers her up. Karan goes to
give interview and writes Sharda’s name in Father’s name’s field. The
receptionist identifies him to be Suresh Modi’s son. She asks him to
write Suresh Modi’s name and says you will get a job easily. Karan
gets angry and refuses to give the interview.

Suresh too misses Sharda and takes her name unknowingly. Pallavi gets
upset. Karan comes home and was quiet. Sakshi notices that he is
upset. She boosts his confidence and tries to cheer him. She asks him
not to lose hope. Sharda thinks Sakshi is a light which will never let
darkness enter in her son’s life. Pallavi taunts Suresh for taking
Sharda’s name and goes to sleep in Aarav’s room.

Police comes and arrests Suresh on the charges of bigamy. Suresh gets
shocked and was not even allowed to talk to his lawyer. Aarav gets
worried. Sharda gets restless. Pallavi talks to the lawyer to free
Suresh. Sharda calls home and enquires about everyone. Dadi lies to
her saying everything is fine. Sharda decides to go to the factory for
work alone. Sakshi has full faith on her capabilities. Dadi doubts
Pallavi for Suresh’s arrest. She questions Pallavi. Pallavi tells her
that she didn’t file any complaint against Suresh and is trying to
free him. Dadi misses Sharda which irks Pallavi. She asks dadi to take
medicines and rest.

Suresh wants to get out of police station soon. His lawyer tells him
that mostly first wife can file a complaint. Suresh gets shocked and
thinks Pallavi complained against him. Suresh tells the lawyer that he
doesn’t need Pallavi’s help. Sharda goes to make a new identity. Karan
thanks Sakshi for building confidence in her. Sharda comes to
Municipality Office for work. The employer gets impressed by her.
Sharda calls Sakshi and tells her everything.

Some women are protesting against Sanjay Verma. Sharda notices Neha in
the group and enquires her. Neha tells her that Sanjay didn’t pay them
money for 3 months. Police comes and arrests all the ladies including
Sharda. Karan goes to give the interview as Karan Sharda. He gets a
job and was happy. All the women are brought to the police station.
Sharda tries to tell that she was not with them. She is shocked to see
Suresh there. Sharda enquires about Suresh with the Inspector. He
tells her that he was arrested for bigamy. Sharda gets shocked and
feels pain for him.

Karan comes home and happily tells Sakshi about getting a new job. He
gets romantic. Sharda comes home and asks Karan to bail out Suresh.
Karan refuses to get bail for him. Sharda gets sad. Karan comes and
bailed Suresh. Suresh gets shocked. Karan doesn’t speak to him and
offers to drop him home. A woman in burqa is watching them. Sakshi
tells Sharda that Karan has got papa bailed. Sharda gets relieved.
Suresh thanks Karan. Karan tells him that he got a job on his own.

Sharda and Sakshi decides to start a factory. Sharda thinks to speak
to Neha for workers. Sharda tells Neha that she is going to start
something on her own and they are welcome to join her. Neha gets
happy. Sharda comes home and informs Sakshi. Sakshi gets happy, but
was quite apprehensive about it. Sharda boosts her confidence. Suresh
comes home and blames Pallavi for his stay at the police station.
Pallavi says, Sharda might have filed a complaint. Suresh says, Sharda
cannot do that. Pallavi asks him to transfer all his property on her
name. Suresh says, he have to take Sharda’s sign first. Sharda is not
interested in property.

Pallavi talks to the burqa clad lady and leaves from the house.
Pallavi meets her daughter Shanaya. She tells her that she filed
complaint against her dad using fake name. Pallavi slaps him. Shanaya
says, they have to give a fitting reply to Suresh. Pallavi says, she
knows what to do. Pallavi calls Sharda and asks her to withdraw all
her rights from all the properties. Sharda is shocked. She asks her to
come to the office at 11 am. Sharda agrees. She gets sad. Sakshi shows
her Sharda Mehta name plate outside the house. Sharda gets emotional.

Pallavi comes home with Shanaya. Shanaya speaks rudely with Suresh. He
gets hurt. Pallavi informs him that she talked to Sharda and asks her
to come to office for signing on the property transfer papers. Suresh
is shocked to know that Sharda agreed. Pallavi tells him that no
option is left for Sharda. Boss asks Karan to follow the office rules.
Karan comes home and is sad.

Sharda tells Karan about Pallavi’s call. Karan says we don’t need
anything. Sharda asks Sakshi to come with her. Latika argues with her
dad. Suresh tells decision is left on Sharda. Lawyer reads the papers.
The new owner of Sharda Industries will be Pallavi Ajmera. Sakshi
stands up for her Ma. No one can separate Sharda from Sharda
Industries. Pallavi insults Sharda and calls her illiterate. Sharda
interrupts her. you are right in calling me illiterate which is why I
have been cheated so badly. I am ready to transfer everything in your
name. she signs on the papers and thanks Suresh tearfully. He
apologizes to her for whatever happened. Latika argues with her Dad
and tells her that she will remain in the company and will show the
rightful place to Pallavi. Karan gets praised by his boss for saving
him from boss loss. Sakshi explains to Sharda about the goals written
starting with their opening a factory.

Sakshi and Sharda come to see the place where they will set up their
factory. Sakshi starts cleaning the place and Sharda helps her. Neha
comes with the worker. Pallavi is relieved that property is in her
name now. She tells Shanaya that Suresh has made everything using your
granddad’s money.

Shara decides to have the puja done before starting the factory. She
thinks to call her mother in law. Sharda calls Modi house. Suresh
picks the call. Sharda invites dadi to come for her factory’s
inauguration day after tomorrow. He is surprised and congrats her. She
invites him as well. Suresh tells he is busy. Pallavi gets upset to
know about Sharda’s call. Shanaya thinks to take revenge from Sharda.

Sharda tells Sakshi that she invited Dadi and Suresh for puja. Sakshi
says, she is proud of her. Chirag and Dadi think to attend the puja.
Shanaya thinks of a plan and smirks. Shanaya comes to Sharda and asks
for a job. Sharda gets impressed by her and hires her. Karan and
Sakshi have a hug on their new beginning. Next day, Dadi, Latika,
Chirag come for the puja. Sharda and Karan get happy seeing them.
Sakshi praises Sharda. They see Suresh coming there. Keep reading.

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