In this weekend’s episode, the drama will increase manifold…

COLORS’ action-packed espionage thriller series 24: Season 2 has enthralled the audience with its nail-biting suspense and high voltage drama, giving them an unparalleled viewing experience.

In this weekend’s episode, the drama will increase manifold as Roshan Sherchan (Ashish Vidyarthi) will finally reunite with his brother Haroon Sherchan (Sikander Kher). While they are busy making a master plan to destroy Mumbai in a day, Roshan will start to suspect about Maya (Surveen Chawla) and Jai Singh Rathod’s (Anil Kapoor) secret relationship.

Maya will discreetly go to meet Jai Singh Rathod in the room and the duo will get intimate; she will then tell him about Haroon’s plan to kill him once they leave the country. In an attempt to calm her down, Jai will tell her not to be bothered with such things because that was not going to happen.

While these two are sharing a moment, Roshan happens to pass by their room and sees them together which will make him feel that something is wrong. To bring it to his brother’s notice, Roshan will rush to Haroon and inform him about Maya and Jai. This will make Haroon furious and he will rush to Maya’s room for an explanation. But, her father Omkar (Yashodhan Bal), will try to cover for them and stop him.

Subsequently, Naina Singhania (Anita Raj) will plot to put Devyani Bhowmick (Madhurima Tuli) into trouble at work and create problems between her and her son Aditya Singhania (Neil Bhoopalam). As she digs into Devyani’s past, Naina Singhania will get to know that Devyani had a serious drug addiction and has spent time in the rehab to overcome it.

Taking advantage of this, Naina will ask her assistant to send this information to the higher authorities of the hospital where Devyani works anonymously. When the Dean and the hospital’s board will receive the information about Devyani’s past, they will question her about it and Devyani will confidently tell them that it was her past and she is clean now.

Will they believe Devyani? Or will Naina’s interference cost Devyani her job? Will Omkar be able to save Maya from Haroon’s wrath? Or will Haroon find out the truth about Maya and Jai’s relationship?

Only time will tell! Stay tuned to know more…

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