Swara will be accused by Maheshwari family members in the upcoming episodes.

One of the most popular shows on Colors, Swaragini seems to be losing its charm and the attention of its viewers. To make up for the same, the makers are trying all way possible tricks to keep the audience hooked to the show.
For making the story engaging than ever, the producers brought in Sahil who will now be seen as a black sheep in Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar’s (Varun Kapoor) love story.

For now, Sanskar has disguised as Kisan to woo Swara back but Sahil has now found out his real identity.
What will happen is – Sujata who is worried about Sanskar’s safety will presume that he is dead and will accuse Swara of being the reason for his despair. Sujata will call cops to get Swara arrested. In this situation, Sanskar disguised as Kisan will not be able to see his love being held accountable and hence he will return to Maheswari house leaving Kisan’s identity behind.

But this is just the start of the misunderstandings! Sahil who learned about Kisan’s real identity will provoke Swara by informing her that Sanskar is none other than Kisan. To prove his verdict, he will ask Swara to make a phone call and acknowledge Kisan as Sanskar and to clear out her doubt, wherein Swara will agree to make that call.
What next?!

Kisan’s phone will surely ring but it will be found in Swara’s bag hence Sahil’s efforts to prove the same will go in vain!
With these Sahil’s attempt, to expose Kisan’s identity, seeing no positive results, will leave him infuriated and he will become obsessed to win over Swara like never before.

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