In Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar, Neil decides to stop for Nishi’s wedding and tells his family that no one will leave before Nishi’s wedding. He comes to Aman’s house and asks him to meet him. Aman lies to him saying he is in the hospital. Neil comes to the hospital and asks him to accompany to Jignesh’s house to convince his parents for Nishi and Jignesh’s marriage. Aman hesitantly agrees. They come to Jignesh’s house. Baa says, she will not let his grandson married to a house whose son is a criminal. Neil says his son is arrested on a doubt and the Shilpa herself gave her statement and proved his son innocent. He says both children love each other and she should agree for their marriage. Jignesh says sasurji is telling right. Grandma agrees for the marriage. Neil walks out happily with Aman and Karan. While returning home, Aman says Neil it is good he took charge and got Jignesh’s grandma convinced.
Neil says he wants to inform Ragini. He comes to Ragini’s house. Ragini asks why did not he go to US. He apologizes to her for misunderstanding her and says Ranbir proved him wrong. He thanks her for thinking about Ranbir. He also tells her that as she wished, Nishi’s marriage will happen on the fixed date and he will also attend it. Ragini says her marriage is broken. Neil says he knows, but he convinced Jignesh’s grandma for the marriage. Aman comes inside and tries to explain Ragini. Neil asks why is he explaining his own wife. Neil asks him to lend his car as he will not get taxi. He leaves. Aman tells Ragini that Neil loves Nishi a lot and looked like a complete father.
Pam yells on Ragini in front of Dimpy and Nivedita. Neil comes and says Nishi’s marriage is on 13th and whoever likes they can attend with him. Agam asks Ranbir to come out of car and walk with him to Ragini’s house. Pam asks him to apologize else Ragini will become great in Neil’s eyes and Neil will not marry Nivedita. Agam enters Ragini’s house and sees family having lunch. Ragini asks if he took his dad’s permission. He says yes and has come with a surprise. Ranbir comes in. Agam says Ragini he has come to apologize her. Ragini gets happy seeing him.Pam comes and sits on sofa. Agam asks Ranbir to apologize Ragini. He slowly says sorry. Agam asks him to touch her feet and apologize. He obliges. Ragini says it is okay.
Agam says mom was always right and Ranbir wrong, mom asks Shilpa to change her statement and rescued Ranbir. Nishi feels guilty for misbehaving with her and apologizes to her. Pam challenges Ragini that till Nishi marriage, it is Ragini’s turn and after that it is her turn. Ranbir asks Shilpa’s address and tells Pam that he wants to apologize her and leaves. Ranbir comes there and Arav slaps her. Ranbir apologizes Shilpa. Neil comes to hospital wearing kurta pajama and talks to Devika. Ragini’s slipper breaks. Aman comes there and fixes it himself. Neil taunts Aman for fixing Ragini’s chappals. Ragini says he is among husbands who like help their wives. Neil taunts him again.
Neil says he does not do what he is supposed to do, ie, surgeries. Aman reaches patient’s room and indulges in unnecessary talk. Neil smiles. Ragini asks Aman to stitch patient’s wound. Aman confidently performs stitches and gets happy. Ragini tells Neil that these are emotions and thanks him for provoking Aman to perform stitching today. Aman comes back excitedly and says Dr. Devika is not believing me and hugs her. Neil gets jealous. Aman apologizes her again and says their dinner is final. A kid drops mini plastic national flag from building by mistake. Agam runs and catches it. Arav says he is completely different than Ranbir.
Agam says Ranbir did not apologize anyone till now except Ragini yesterday. Ragini and Aman are about to leave for dinner when Nivedita comes and says Neil called her here. Neil comes and says he wants to take her for dinner. Once Neil and Nivedita leave, she asks Aman to cancel dinner plan as she is having headache. Nivedita calls Pam. Pam gets happy and tells Neil that she is very happy for them. Neil reaches Karan’s resturant and asks where is Nishi. Nishi and Arav hug him. Nishi says she does not want her marriage in a restaurant but wants a destiny wedding. He says he is okay with it. Dimpy says only one person can convince Ragini and points at Neil.
Naani asks Neil to join Ragini for dinner. He hesitates agrees. He eats the food. Sunny says Ragini prepared it and he should kiss her then. Neil gets hiccups and says it is very hot and salty. Jignesh’s grandma calls Ragini and says she has called sari vendors to select Nishi’s saris, so she wants him and Neil to come there right now. Ragini agrees. They all get into Jignesh’s house and get busy selecting Sari. Jignesh’s mom asks Ragini to select a sari for herself. Baa tells Neil that she wants Jignesh’s and Nishi have a destination wedding. Neil says it cannot be and will happen as planned. Ragini says she wants destination wedding. Nishi and Jignesh get happy.
Neil comes to hospital and invites Dr. Devika for Nishi’s wedding. Nishi gets emotional seeing her wedding arragments. Ragini tries to console her. Ragini comes to Shilpa’s house and invites them. She then tells Shilpa’s mom that Nishi’s marriage is at Karan’s farm house in Karjat. Neil calls Ragini and informs her that Jignesh’s Grandma called him and informed about upcoming rituals. Keep reading.

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