In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, Ram comes home after inviting Juhi for his wedding with Priya. He tells everyone that he invited the special person Juhi because of whom he is getting remarried again. Priya gets tensed and upset. Vikram and Pihu ask him, why he invited Juhi as she is a troublesome. Ram asks them to keep on guessing. Juhi informs Mamaji about Ram’s wedding. He gets surprised. She tells him that Ram might have planned something big and asks him to find out.

Kids takes Ram and Priya in separate room as they were getting married tomorrow. They don’t want them to break the customs. Ram is annoyed with them and thinks of a plan. He gives something to Pihu and asks him to make Priya drink it. Pihu makes her drink. Priya gets dizzy. Ram asks Vikram to go as Priya would be coming to his room any moment. Priya comes to Ram and sees his smiling. He tells her that they are getting remarried tomorrow. Priya asks Ram to get icecream for her. Ram brings the icecream and feeds her lovingly. She asks him not to change.

Next morning Priya wakes up and finds herself in the guest room. Priya goes to find Ram. Ram on the other side is searching for Priya. She starts playing in rain happily. Ram brings umbrella for her. He scolds her. She asks him to enjoy as well. Natasha asks Pihu to let them enjoy the rain. Priya apologizes to Ram for sneezing after drenching in rain. She asks him to say how he did he feel about the rain. Ram says he felt it was beautiful.

Juhi calls someone and asks him to come to Kapoor Mansion. Mamaji thinks to run before Ram catches him. Sid says to khush that he got an information about the photographer who morphed pics and Ram said he will handle everything. Ram, Priya and everyone are in marriage venue. Priya jokes with him that he planned a big fat wedding according to his size. Ram calls all the guests and says he has a small surprise for his wife. He says, he wants to colour Priya’s hands with his love. He is about to put finger in Priya’s finger, just then Juhi comes with the police and asks Ram to stop. Ram doesn’t stop and exchanges ring with Priya. Everyone clap for them.

Juhi asks Ram how can he marry without divorcing her. Sid says she was married to him, not Ram. She asks Ram to sign divorce papers and give her alimony money. Ram asks when did he marry her? She says, she have photographic proof and a guest who attended their marriage. Vikram brings Rajeev. Ram asks her who is Rajeev. Juhi says he is her ex-husband. Rajeev says she is married to him and not Ram. Ram says she is such a greedy woman that she married him, Rajeev and Sid which is wrong according to law. She married three times. Juhi says, she married Rajeev and Sid, but couldn’t get him even now. Ram smiles and says he have enough proofs now against her if she files the court case. He then asks the Police to arrest her.

Priya says, your trick was failed, you tried to get Ram but couldn’t. She says, This is our plan to bring out the truth. Juhi is annoyed. Inspector arrests Juhi and takes her with them. Priya thanks Ram. Rajeev asks Ram to give him his reward. Ram calls the commissioner and gets him arrested. Pihu is happy and hugs Priya. Priya recalls little Pihu. Priya gets mehendi done on her hands with Ram’s initials. Ram also gets the mehendi done with Priya’s initials. They look at each other romantically.

Priya asks everyone to excuse them as they are tired. Ram and Priya goes to sleep in their room. Priya tells Ram that their kids are like him and wanted everything to be grand. Pihu, Khush and Mayra plan their honeymoon and goes to wake them up. They come to their room and finds them sleeping. Next morning Dadi asks about Ram and Priya. She says, she got parathas made for Ram. She asks Priya to eat parathas. Priya says, she is happy with her weight. Kids eats the breakfast in a hurry. Ram and Priya smiles looking at them.

Ram and Priya’s kids make the arrangements for their parents remarriage. Ram takes Priya to a special place. Priya gets excited to see the nimbu pani and thinks of their first marriage. She jokes with him not to give 1000 Rs note to the seller like last time. They come back home and are asked by their families about their visit on the wedding day. Priya tells Dadi that Ram took her for some work. Even though she refused to go, but Ram insisted. Ram tells Dadi that they thought to have some time with each other and that’s why went outside. Kids look at them.

Pihu and Mayra get Priya ready for her marriage. Priya feels awkward and says she should have get her children married instead of her. Pihu and Mayra compliment her beauty. Natasha too supports the girls. Shipra and Sudhir come to attend Priya and Ram’s remarriage. Priya gets emotional to see her. Shipra asks her to wear heavy jewellery and make up like a bride. Priya says, she didn’t change at all. She hugs her parents. Pihu tells Priya that they invited Nani and Nani as she would be missing them now.

Ram awaits anxiously for Priya to come for the wedding. Priya comes to the marriage altar accompanied by her parents and daughters. Ram is mesmerized by her beauty. Ram tells Priya that she is looking so beautiful that he is falling in love with her all over again. Priya pulls his leg. Pihu, Mayra and Khush dance on the latest songs to make their parents marriage happening. Pihu announces that Priya wants to give surprise to Ram and shows the slide of their journey so far. Ram and Priya get emotional

Ram and Priya exchanges the garlands and sits for their marriage. Sudhir and Shipra does her kanyadaan. They take the pheras and hugs after that. Later Ram and Priya dance on the song Lag Jaa Gale……..Next morning, Pihu comes to Priya and asks them to come as they have planned a special surprise for them. Priya wakes up Ram. Kids informs them that they have planned a honeymoon for them and even packed their bags. Ram and Priya get excited and happy and leaves for their honeymoon in the car with Just remarried board. This show has ended on a happy note. Will sure miss Bade Achhe Lagte Hain. Keep reading.

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