In Main Naa Bhoolungi, Madhu wakes up seeing the flickering lights. She gets scared. She sees Shikha on TV asking her to return her son Manav back to her. Madhu starts shouting. Her family comes hearing her cries. Madhu asks Mohanto to save her. Sunaina offers to stay with her. Aditya says he will stay. Sunaina insists. Aditya gets upset. Samaira tells her that she will send Sunaina back to her room. Jai asks Mohanto to send Madhu to the mental asylum as he couldn’t see her state. Mohanto tells her that his daughter is not mad. Sunaina consoles Madhu. Madhu is scared about Shikha and tells her that she will kill her.

Aditya comes to Mohanto and checks his BP. He lies to him saying his BP is high. Mohanto asks him to give his tablets. Aditya lies saying it is finished. He tells him that he will send Sunaina. Aditya comes to Sunaina and asks her to take care of Mohanto as his BP is high. She leaves. Once she is gone, Samaira comes dressed as Shikha. Aditya sets up lights flickering again to frighten Madhu. Sunaina checks Mohanto’s BP and says it is normal now. She asks Mohanto to have food now. Mohanto agrees.

Madhu wakes up seeing lights flickering and gets scared. She sees Shikha who asks her to give back her Manav. Madhu pleads to her. Shikha and Aditya smirk looking at her. Madhu gets mad and cries. Aditya tells his family that Madhu took Arnav in her car. Madhu is going to the old temple with Arnav. Neeraj follows her and informs Shikha. Aditya calls the driver and gets to know that he took Madhu to the temple. Aditya informs Mohanto.

Madhu enters temple and shouts for Shikha holding a gun. She asks Shikha to come out. Manav cries. Madhu gets irritated and threatens to kill him. Neeraj sees this and gets tensed. Aditya, Samaira, and Mohanto’s family reach the temple and run towards Madhu. They are shocked to see Madhu holding gun on Arnav and asking Shikha to come in front of her. She says Aditya that she is doing it for their safety, if Shikha does not get Arnav, she will kill us all. Samaira takes Arnav from there. She points gun on Samaira and asks her to give Arnav back. Samaira says she will not give back Arnav even if she gets killed.

Madhu shoots, but bullet hits on tree bark and falls on Arnav injuring him. Mohanto slaps Madhu and asks Aditya to take Arnav to a hospital. Mohanto slaps her. Aditya and Samaira take Arnav to the hospital. Samaira cries. Mohanto and Sunaina confront Madhu. Jai tells Sunaina that Madhu has gone mad completely. Aditya and Samaira bring Arnav to hospital. Arnav is taken into ICU. Samaira starts crying looking at Arnav. Aditya consoles her and says nothing will happen to Arnav.

Avinash informs Sudha that Manav is in the hospital. Sudha cries and prays for him. Avinash consoles Shikha and says nothing will happen to her Manav. Shikha says she did a big mistake and risked Manav life due to her plan. Aditya comes and asks her to relax.  Samaira asks him how can he be so selfish being a father and does not care about his son Arnav. Aditya says he cares for Arnav. Mohanto and family come there. Doctor informs that Arnav needs blood and asks who is his mother. Madhu refuses to give her blood. Aditya agrees to give his blood, but nurse checks his blood and tells that it is having alcohol.

Mohanto offers to give, but he couldn’t give because of his high BP. Samaira offers to give her blood. Neeraj comes to meet her in the hospital. Doctor takes Samaira’s blood, but refuses to take further. Samiara insists and tells him that she is Arnav’s mother. Madhu hears her conversation and then remembers Shikha scaring her. Madhu runs towards Aditya and says he was right, Samaira is Shikha. Mohanto asks what is she telling? Madhu tells Mohanto that he was right, Shikha is Samaira. Mohanto asks her to stop acting madly. Madhu cuts her wrist to prove her point.

Madhu asks Doctor to tell the truth. Doctor lies to everyone that Madhu wanted him to identify Samaira as Shikha. He says, she tried to kill him. Madhu says he is telling lie. Mohanto asks her to control herself. Madhu laughs on her family. Mohanto says he has to take a tough decision now. Madhu is dragged to a mental asylum. Doctor informs Mohanto’s family and Samaira that he has shifted Arnav to another ward and they can see him. Samaira thanks doctor.

Mohanto’s family with Aditya and Samaira reach Arnav’s room. Neeraj disguises as doctor tells them that Arnav is fine. Doctor asks them to take Arnav back home. Madhu pleads to the ward boy to leave her and tells she is not mad. Neeraj comes to Avinash’s house and informs Sudha that Manav is fine now and has been discharged. He informs them that Madhu has been sent to mental hospital. Sudha thanks god and says Madhu reached her destiny.

Mohanto’s family bring Arnav back home. Samaira apologizes to Manav. Mahi asks Neeraj, why he didn’t profess his love. Neeraj says yes he loves Shikha, but her goal is to destroy Aditya. Jai informs the media that Madhu has gone mad and thinks to take over the MD position. Aditya congratulates Samaira for sending Madhu to the mental asylum. He is about to kiss her. Samaira stops him and tells that they should see Madhu being tortured in mental assylum first.

Madhu is given electric shock. Samaira looks at her and remembers being pushed from a cliff. Madhu gets unconscious. Shikha comes to Madhu and informs her that she is Shikha and not Samaira. She tells her that she didn’t die. She tells her that she will do the same thing with Aditya and take the revenge. Madhu says she cannot do anything as she will expose her truth to everyone. Madhu shouts saying she will not let her succeed. Keep reading.

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