Last week in Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Sharda gives lift to Pallavi. Pallavi calls Suresh and asks him to pick her from the temple. Suresh goes to the temple. Sharda and Pallavi talk about life and destiny. Pallavi awaits for Suresh. Sharda gets prasad from the priest and shares it with Pallavi. Suresh sees Sharda in the temple and is shocked. Sharda tells him that she met his business associate today and she left a min ago. Suresh gets relaxed. They leave for home. Suresh gets Pallavi’s call, but he disconnects the call and asks the driver to drive fast. He tells Sharda that he have a meeting with international clients and drops her home.

Suresh calls Pallavi and apologizes to her. She replies that she is not Sharda to forgive. Suresh gets shocked and worried about their friendship. She tells him that she is not going back for sometime. Sharda shows the Patola saree made for Meeta’s daughter wedding. Sakshi and Latika likes the design. Latika tells her that she would have asked more money from Meeta. Sakshi keeps the saree on the chair mistakenly. Maid comes and gives the saree for laundry.

Karan asks Suresh about Mr. Ajmera in whose account a huge amount of money has been transferred. Suresh scolds him for asking questions and leaves. Pallavi calls Suresh and asks him about the necklace. He promises to bring it soon. Suresh tells Sharda that he is going to meet his clients. Sharda catches his lie. Suresh gets worried. Karan tells Sakshi about the money transfer on Ajmera’s name. Sharda comes to Karan and comes to know that no clients have come from Singapore. Sharda is shocked.

She asks Sakshi about the saree. Sakshi recollects that she kept it on the chair. Sharda panics. Sakshi decides to go to Laundry shop. They come to the shop, but doesn’t find the saree. They leave. It shows that the workers hide that saree, and sold in the shop. Pallavi buys the same saree for her. Sharda comes to meet Meeta. Pallavi too comes there and shows the saree. Meeta appreciates the designs. Sharda tells her that she designed that saree and tells its details. Pallavi gives that saree to Sharda.

Sharda shares her happiness with Sakshi. She calls Suresh, who tells her that he will be coming home. Sharda gets happy. Suresh surprises Pallavi and gifts her the necklace. It seems he has stolen Sharda’s necklace. Pallavi gets happy. Karan and Sakshi talk about Suresh and Sharda. Sharda doesn’t find the necklace and wonders where it would have been. Sharda tells Suresh about Meeta’s daughter wedding. He agrees to come for her happiness. Sharda gets happy.

Pallavi tells Suresh about her friend Meeta’s daughter wedding. Suresh gets shocked and thinks what will happen if he goes there with his entire family. He thinks of an idea. Pallavi buys a necklace for Meeta’s daughter. She gets a call from Aman Khatri, a businessman asking her to meet him for business. Suresh asks her to go. She schedules the meeting. Suresh gets relieved as Aman did his work. Sharda gets worried as she couldn’t find the necklace. She wears another one. Pallavi wears her necklace and smiles.

Suresh comes to the wedding with his family. Meeta praises Sharda which doesn’t go well with Suresh. He talks about his business. She tells him that they will talk later. Sharda gives the necklace to Ishita bride as a gift. Meeta asks her to accept it. Ishita thanks her. Suresh gets a call from Aman informing him that Pallavi left for the wedding 20 mins before and could reach the venue anytime. Suresh gets shocked and thinks to leave before she arrives. He goes near the door. He sees Pallavi coming and hides his face. Pallavi goes on the stage.

Sharda comes to him and tells that Mr. Manchanda wants to meet him. Suresh tells her that he have to go somewhere urgently. Karan gets confused as Suresh is losing the chance. He leaves. Pallavi meets Sharda and asks her to design saree for her. Sharda says, she will gift it, but Pallavi insists her to take the money. Pallavi collides with a waiter and the cold drink falls on her saree. Pallavi wipes her saree and take out the necklace. Sharda is shocked. Pallavi tells her, this necklace has been given to me by someone who is very special and close to me.

Sharda goes into flashback when she has questioned Suresh about that watch.  Sharda remembers what she saw in the resort and is in tears. She comes to her house and opens the cupboard to keep Suresh’s clothes. A bill falls down. She is shocked to see the bill in Mrs. Pallavi Ajmera’s name. She recalls everything and gets heartbroken. Sakshi and Karan searches for her, but couldn’t find her. They come home. Sharda opens the door and welcomes them with a smile. She lies to them that she came to give medicines to Dadi. They go to their room.

Karan tells Sakshi that he is happy with Sharda’s achievements. Sakshi shares that she is feeling strange behavior of Sharda since Vrat Savitra pooja. She says, she didn’t share anything with me. Karan asks her to wait until she shares her problems. Suresh asks Sharda to set his clothes as he has to go to office. Sharda sees Pallavi’s handkerchief in his coat and gets shocked. Just then his phone rings, Pallavi’s photo displays with the number. She gets shocked even more. Suresh comes and disconnects the call. He tells her that his clients keep troubling him. He goes to office.

He thinks to send Pallavi back to her house before Sharda finds out the truth. He gives return rickets to Pallavi. Pallavi tells him that she doesn’t want to go shocking Suresh. she asks him, if he is hiding something for her. Suresh tells her that he is going to another city and that’s why wants her to go to Jamshedpur. Pallavi asks him to go and says she will wait for him here. Suresh gets tensed. Sharda is sad thinking about Suresh lies. She thinks to confront Pallavi and save her marriage. She thinks she have to fight for her children. She thinks Pallavi can’t steal her vermillion and decides to talk to her. Keep reading.

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