The ‘Vighna Harta’ brings in not just prosperity but also happiness…

Ganpati festival is full of fun and joy. It’s all about bringing Ganpati at home, calling people to your place and visiting your friends and relatives. Ganpati is my favorite festival. I am a regular visitor of Siddhivinayak temple. I hope he gives me theenergy to give my best, make me strong to fight the daily life battles with positivity. In childhood, we used to collect ‘chandas’ in groups. We used to decorate the pandals, holding some competition and announce winners on the tenth day.
Laksh Lalwani

I have been seeing Ganpati Bappa in Mumbai since the time I came to Mumbai career wise and it feels great. The festive spirit can’t be ignored. Few of my friends are keeping Ganpati and I would surely be visiting them. In Mumbai, it is the most celebrated festival by everyone.
Shivin Narang

I am a Delhi boy and it was very exciting celebrating Ganpati there, but here in Mumbai, the festival has a special importance and place in everyone’s hearts. I was excited about it when I came to Mumbai. People take Ganpati at home and invite over for meals to celebrate together. It’s a moment of unity and love. It is considered enjoyable yet spiritual. These are auspicious days. Any good work gets a kick start in these days. To make me a good human being and keep my friends and family happy, that’s all I want from Bappa. We used to dance like mad at Ganpati festivals. Every memory of it is filled with dancing.

Aniruddh Dave
Ganpati is the first God to be worshiped before any auspicious occasion. We always go to the temples to pray to God, but this is the only festival when the God himself comes at our place and stays for days. The whole celebration is really exciting. Success in my personal and professional life, as well as blessings for my entire family, is all I want. I saw true colors of this festival when I came to Mumbai. This city is known for many things, among which Ganpati festival is important. It gives flavour to Mumbai.
We wish everyone a prosperous and happy Ganesh Chaturthi…

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