MUMBAI: The city of dreams, Mumbai, can easily turn into a nightmare during the monsoons. It takes just a few hours of continuous rains to lower the pace of the busy city. Roads flooded with water, traffic jams, interrupted railway services, and adamant rickshaw drivers—the struggle to reach one’s home safely on time is real. Not only the common man but celebrities also face the harsh reality of the city in the monsoons.

Beautiful and petite actress Krystle D’souza was stranded in the Mumbai rains yesterday along with her friend Rahull Sharma. And guess who turned out to be their knight in shining armour? Well, it was none other than Karan Patel.

The actress took to Instagram and posted a video about the entire incident.

It seems like in addition to being a saviour in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Karan Patel is a HERO in real life too.

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