In Tum Aise Hi Rehna, Dadisaa complains of short of breathe to her family. Ria understands that she suffered a heart attack and administers her neccesary injection. Rukmani gets shocked to know that Ria is a doctor. Ria brings her to the hospital and goes to assists Dr. Thakkar. Everyone stand tensedly while she is being operated. Ria comes out from the operation theatre and informs that Dadisaa is better now as they did Angioplasty. She says she got consciousness now and asks them to meet. Abhi thanks Ria for saving Dadisaa and says sorry for not trusting her.

Lata and Vishesh come there. Abhi tells them that Dadisaa is in ICU and resting. Lata worries about Rukmani’s reaction. Abhi hopes that the family will understand as Ria saved Dadisaa’s life. Dadisaa gains consciousness and meets her family. She says she thought that she will die. Kailash and Raman say they need her and thank the God. Doctor gives the credit to Ria for saving her. Vishesh and Lata are still worried about Rukmani’s reaction and say her anger is justified. Kailash tells Ria that you saved my mother and feels proud of her. Abhi tells Rukmani that we told you everything. Please forgive us. Rukmani tells her that she can’t forget them for their wrong doings. She says she won’t talk about this until Dadisaa comes back home. Sarthak says she will not forgive them.

Ria checks Dadisaa’s reports in the morning and says your reports are fine. She asks Dadisaa to walk with her. Dadisaa walks with her and gets happy. Abhi and Ria bring her home. Dadisaa prays to the God and says she is happy to be back at home. She asks Rukmani to forgive Ria. Rukmani says she can’t forgive Ria so easily. She is Dr. Ria. I can’t forgive her. Ria tells her that they are guilty of her and will accept her decision. Abhi says if you wants us to leave this house then we are okay with it. Everyone get shocked. Dadisaa tells Rukmani to remember that she gave her a new life. Kailash also asks her to forgive Ria. Rukmani says she have one condition and says she can’t let Ria work in the hospital. Ria tells I became a doctor to give new life to poor and help them. Abhi suggests her to open the clinic at home. Everyone likes his idea. Rukmani gives her approval at last. Ria is in tears as she doesn’t want that.

Dadisaa asks Rukmani to put rice in the kalash. Rukmani puts whole rice in the kalash. Dadisaa asks Rukmani to take out jewellery box. Rukmani gives it. Dadisaa praises Ria and gives to Kiran as she will leave the home soon after marriage. She gives it to Kiran. Ria comes to her room and sees it decorated with flowers. Abhi treats her specially by showering flower petals on her and they share some romantic moments. A lady is seen looking at Abhi’s photo in the newspaper and says she has been searching for Abhi since two years. She looks obsessive about Abhi. Abhi dances with Ria and says today he is very happy as there are no lies between them and their family. Abhi apologizes to her as she doesn’t want to open clinic at home. Ria says she can do anything for him.

Everyone at home suggest different names for Ria’s clinic. Ria suggests Maheshwari clinic. Everyone likes it. Abhi comes to the resort. The lady comes to the resort and insists to meet Abhi. The watchman stops her. Abhi says he don’t know any girl by that name. She manages to open Abhi’s car door and sits in it. Abhi leaves in another car with Raman. Aanchan gets angry and says she will wait in his car until he comes back. Dadisaa wishes to become great grand mother and tells Ria. Ria gets shy. Ria tells Abhi that Dadisaa is dreaming about their baby. Rukmani gives her permission to work till her clinic opens.

Abhi calls the driver and asks him to take his car home. Aanchal eyes the home while sitting in the car. Next morning, Abhi sits in his car and leaves. While he is driving the car, Anchal keeps her hand on his shoulder and stares him romantically. Abhi asks are you mad. I don’t know you. Abhi drive off the car while she stands on the road. Abhi calls Ria and tells her about a girl sitting on backside of the car and tells everything. Ria asks him to talk to her if meets again. Abhi stops his car on seeing Anchal on the road. She gets happy and runs. She gets hit by the truck and falls on the road wounded. Abhi takes her to the hospital. He tells Ria that she is the same girl whom he met in the morning.

Ria comes out of operation theatre and says the patient condition is unstable. Dean comes and says she has a will to live and she will get consciousness till morning. He asks Ria to go home. Ria calls nurse and asks about Aanchal. Nurse says she got consciousness, but is not in her senses. Ria asks her to check her B.P. Aanchal wakes up in the hospital room and tries to take off the glucose pipe. Nurses try to calm her and gives an injection. Abhi comes inside. Aanchal gets relaxed seeing Abhi and smiles. Abhi asks her questions. Aanchal tries to speak, but couldn’t. Abhi asks what do you want from me. She rings the bell and continues to ring. She forwards her hand. Ria asks Abhi to hold her hand. She tries to take off the ring. Abhi asks what are you doing? Ria asks her to leave Abhi’s hand. She doesn’t, so Ria makes her leave Abhi’s hand. She gets angry on Ria.

Next morning, Ria and Abhi gear up for their grah pravesh rasam. Aanchal fells from the bed and take out the glucose pipe. She writes message for Abhi with her blood and dies. Her message for Abhi gets wipe as Nurse steps on it. Ria suddenly feels heavy head and complains to Abhi. Doctor declares Aanchal dead. Aanchal’s soul comes and enters home with Ria. Keep reading.

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