Dalljiet Kaur confirmed the news about her return on television with Sasural Genda Phool season 2. The actress said, “We’re yet to commence shooting but I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I am to finally face the camera again, to be back on the sets as an actor.” Not spilling much details on her character, she said that her character is pivotal to the storyline, but reports say that she will be the parallel lead.

Dalljiet further went on to add, “Sasural Genda Phool had quite a run time in the previous season and enjoyed a massive stardom but moreover I love the character written for me. This long wait was a blessing in disguise for me.”

While the actress is excited to get back on set and resume work, she will indeed miss her son Jaydon the most. She went on explaining her days through the COVID-19 pandemic and how it forced everyone to stay indoors, the good part of that was all the family time that Dalljiet got to spend with her son.

She said, “I doubt he’s prepared to be away from me for 12 hours at a stretch. Jaydon and I spent so much time together since the lockdown that we are inseparable now…so it looks difficult.”

Dalljiet has started her own blog about single parenting and said, “I enjoy blogging, it brings me peace and fulfillment when young girls turn to me with their domestic issues, many single parents find solace that they are not alone in their journey and that anything is possible. I love connecting with my fans at an interpersonal level. I think while doing the show, I’ll get to share more excerpts from my life.

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