Aetashaa Sansgiri is presently seen playing the titular role of Ahilyabai in Sony TV’s popular historical drama series Punyashlok Ahilyabai.

The actress has made her television debut with this show as a lead and proved her mettle in acting.

Playing such a pivotal and different role in a debut show is not everyone’s cup of tea but Aetashaa managed to pull it off really well.

Aetashaa has got a great response from the viewers for her performance.

We got in touch with the pretty actress who spoke in length about the show and much more.

The viewers get to see some amazing camaraderie between you and Rajesh Shringarpure in the show. How has been the experience so far? Were you nervous shooting with him?

I think the nervousness was there within me for the first few weeks because it is a big show. I had recently recollected the first day on the set. There were 4 camera setups and I have never shot like this before. I was so scared that if I go wrong somewhere, I’ll be caught on camera. It was my first day, I was extremely tensed and I didn’t even sleep the whole night.

It’s been really good with all my co-actors ever since I have started my journey in the show. They are really amazing. I share a personal one on one bond with every person. Even Rajesh sir for that fact and other actors well. They are very senior. All of them are very loving towards us. We look up to them as mentors. They have so much experience and one can see that magic on the screen somewhere around.

Did you face any challenges when it comes to performing scenes precisely with the kind of language it is used?

I am born and brought up in Mumbai and my mother tongue is Marathi. My native is Goa, so I speak Konkani as well. However, we usually talk in English and Hindi. But I have lately learnt that the Hindi we speak in Mumbai is very impure (Laughs). I used to use many words which we regularly speak and then the AD used to correct me for it. I found it very difficult. I used to tell everyone on set to correct me on the spot if I go wrong anywhere. They all used to help me.

It’s a matter of practice as well since we are shooting for it for 4 months now. Now, I am used to it. I have picked it up well.

Have any scenes led you to an emotional breakdown?

I think there are many such scenes in the serial which were quite impactful. There was a track about the widow remarriage. Ahilya literally sits for a debate with Acharya Ji. So, that was very challenging for me. It was a very lengthy scene. I wanted to deliver my best and the direction team had already told me about this scene a few days in advance. I was asked to prepare for it well before. Manoj Kulhadkar who played Acharya Ji also helped me a lot. People loved that scene a lot. It was really breathtaking. That scene was very demanding. We all had a sigh of relief after this scene.

The stunning actress has worked in regional cinema before she made her debut with Ahilyabai.

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