Whom will Akshara choose, her daughter or her niece?

Superwoman of Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Akshara (Hina Khan) will soon be facing one more agnipariksha – to choose between two of her daughters, Gayu (Kanchi Singh) and Naira (Shivangi Joshi).

In the upcoming episodes, Naira will be having her dance competition and Gayu will have her jewellery show, both on the same day. And both would want Akshara to be a part of their big day. Gayu, who is a ditto copy of Akshara would expect her to walk the ramp for her. And even though Naira has not yet accepted Akshara wholeheartedly, somewhere, she wants Akshara to be a part of her big day.

Akshara, on the other hand, wants to be there for both her daughters on their big day but is caught up in a major dilemma as to where to go and what to do.

But Akshara being the problem solver of the family, manages the situation very well. Gayu’s model does not show up on time, so Akshara comes to her rescue and walks the ramp for her, modelling the jewelled saree that Gayu has designed. But unfortunately, the necklace that Akshara has donned, breaks. Akshara manages the situation very well and completes her ramp walk with much elan. But this incident earns Gayu negative marking and also the third price.
Naira on the other hand, finds herself in jeopardy as she goes on stage to perform but finds out that her music CD is broken. Akshara then rushes to the aid of her daughter Naira and sings for her performance. Akshara manages to convey her love for Naira in the song and Naira realises that all this while she has misunderstood her mother.
It turns out to be a double bonanza for Akshara and Naira as the mother-daughter duo patch up and Naira also goes on to win the dance competition.

But this happy occasion also has its downside. Gayu starts to get insecure, seeing the actual mother-daughter bond between Naira and Akshara which is much more evident, now that they have patched up. To make matters worse, Gayu’s Dadi tries to give her a reality check about the same.
Does this mean that the character of Gayu will turn negative?

We spoke to actress Kanchi Singh regarding the same. And here’s what she has to say, “No. Gayu is the perfect copy of Akshara. She has always followed her footsteps. Can Akshara turn negative? No, she can’t. The same way, Gayu too can’t turn negative.”
Thank Goodness. What a relief!

So does this mean that Dadi will turn negative?
“No. She is my Dadi, so she is more biased towards me. All that she is trying to do is giving me a reality check and everyone is right on their part,” said Kanchi.

Will this insecurity from Gayu’s side change her behavior towards Naira and Akshara? Let’s wait and watch.

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