MUMBAI: Since its debut on December 20, 2021, Sony TV’s Show Shark Tank India has been ‘edutaining’ its fans with its groundbreaking concept, which proudly reflects ‘Badalte Bharat Ki Nayi Soch.’

Shark Tank India has proven to viewers that it has something for everyone, whether it’s boosting the entrepreneur or business building mindset, providing the perfect start-up crash course, nonstop social media conversations, viral quirky one-liners from the sharks, or even government social media handles joining the meme fest.

Week after Week it inspires business minds and entrepreneurs of the country by providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present their innovative business ideas to achievers and kings of the start-up ecosystem, a.k.a. the Sharks, in order to receive the funding and support they require.

Not only is Shark Tank the new kind of Reality Show that fulfills your every needs the drama, the humor, the tension but most importantly the information and the seed of inspiration.
The show is helmed by mavericks of different fields, people who are champions of business and have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Ashneer Grover (Founder and Managing Director of Bharat), Vineeta Singh (CEO & Co-founder of SUGAR Cosmetics), Peyush Bansal (Founder & CEO of Lenskart), Namita Thapar (Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals), Anupam Mittal (Founder and CEO of – People Group), Ghazal Alagh (Co-founder and Chief Mama of Mamaearth) and Aman Gupta (Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at boAt).

But one man stands out from the rest to the new generation of entrepreneurs and that is Aman Gupta, The Co-founder, and CMO of boAt is probably the coolest shark on the block, with his witty one-liners, solid Bollywood references and his stern but clear way of giving advice.

Aman is the guy the internet is in love with, the biggest reason for his memeworthiness, so many of Aman’s statements have been turned into memes that have gone viral on social media.

But one of the main reasons why Aman Gupta stands out is because of his quick sense of understanding the entrepreneur of every kind, what he can help with, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both the entrepreneur and consumer.

The audiences also really appreciate Aman and think that he is the mentor that people want.

Nidhi Shah says,” I think Aman is hilarious, I follow him on social media, and before even watching him on Shark Tank I used boAt products but when you know the person behind the brand becomes more solid “.

Sarandeep Singh Says ” Aman looks the kind of guy you can discuss your ideas with and if you and that he can sell you anything, he has great convincing power. ”

Khushi Jain said, ” Aman seems like a genuine guy like he is very down to earth, you can talk to him and I think that is why so many young entrepreneurs reach out to him because of what he has done for his brand is quite genius .”

Bhavika Sharma said, ” I love his one-liners, his reactions are almost too funny but I also really love that when he believes in the brand he is very serious in his advice and very sincere about his inputs, it shows that he cares.”

Nikhil Raut says, ” He speaks the language that everybody can understand it’s not overly complicated or technical. And he is never disrespectful ever, he always appreciates ideas to encourage the entrepreneur to think more and be more confident .”

Aman Gupta definitely looks like the shinning star from Shark Tank and looks like he is the coolest Shark to be around.

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