MUMBAI : The “Shukaarvaar ka Vaar episode seems to be an entertaining one as the contestants along with the host will be celebrating New Years in the house along the guests Dharmendra, Karan Kundrra and Rajiv Adatia.

In yesterday’s episode we did see how Salman took the case of Archana and told her that she was wrong in the fight and the words she used is not right abnd that if he as the powers to bring her back on the show he can also eliminate her from the show.

On the other hand, he also lashed out at Shalin, Priyanka for over reacting in the fight and told them that every time they wouldn’t be right.

As we had reported earlier, that  Salman would lash out at Nimrit for getting emotional regarding Abdu and that this was instructed to him by his manager and his team.

In the upcoming episode a task would take place where everyone will target Shalin and would say that he is not trust worthy and at any moment he could filp.

Owing to this task Tina and Shalin would have a huge argument where Tina would say that he is a flipper with her also at times he is good with her then he goes and talks to someone else and this is something she cannot take and warns him to stay away from here.

Well, there is no doubt that Shalin and Tina’s relationship is the talk inside and outside of the house.

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