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Bigg Boss is doing wonders when it comes to TRP ratings where the show is gaining good numbers.

We have seen how the contestants are giving a lot of content to the show and are keeping the audience hooked on to the screen.

Last week was a roller coaster ride for the contestants where the audience saw the problems between Shalin, Tina, and Sumbul.

Abdu’s captaincy task was questioned by Archana as to how all the contestants ganged up against her in order to support Abdu.

We also saw the massive fight between Archana and Shiv for which the actress was evicted from the house on the basis of physical violence.

During the “Shukarvaar Ka Vaar” episode we saw how Salman Khan exposed Shiv and his plan to provoke Archana and said that both were wrong and it’s his decision to send her back into the game.

In the new promo, we did see how the contestants are fighting to become the captain of the house and how everyone is pitching for each other.

We did see how Tina got angry and said that no one will stand for us and that now she will flip in the game.

As per sources, Sajid Khan has become the new captain of the house and now the housemates will have to follow his rules and regulations.

He would be saved for this week’s elimination as he has won the immunity by becoming the captain of the house.

One will have to wait and see during the nomination task what kind of powers he would be getting.

Well, the housemates do have respect for him and they agree with what he says so it will be interesting to see him as the captain of the house.

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