The tables have indeed turned in COLORS’ BIGG BOSS! The house has given VIP members an unusual new task where the winner will receive a higher power in that elite club, and the ‘Sanchalaks’ of this task will be none other than the non-VIP’s themselves! In a total of four rounds, the four non-VIPs will get to act as the ‘Sanchalak’ in one round each. Given how the VIPs have been treating them in the previous episodes, the non-VIPs are ready to take their pound of flesh.

In this task, Karan, Tejasswi, Vishal, Umar and Nishant have to collect as much cotton and other items as they can in their baskets before the buzzer goes off. The two names with the lightest baskets will lose that round. Neha judges the first round and eliminates Tejasswi from the contest, even though the reality was far from it. Tejasswi cries foul and spars with Neha for going against her. But the real fight takes place in the next round with Simba as the judge. Karan tries to cheat by stealing items from the previous round, but Pratik catches hold of him and throws the baskets around. Karan gets furious and yells at him, “Tu nikala kaise merko round mein se?!” The situation gets tense as they both get violent and start pushing each other.

While others start pulling them away, Tejasswi tries to defend Karan. Pratik gets angry with her, “Aap chup raho, theek hai?” Tejasswi hits back saying, “Tu hota kaun hai mujhe chup rehne bolne wala?” Karan walks away in rage, saying, “Main bhi dekhta hoon kaise hota hai yeh task!” With fights erupting all around, which non-VIP will win this round and bag special powers?

To find out, keep watching ‘BIGG BOSS’ presented by TRESemmé, powered by Knorr and Dabur Dantrakshak Monday to Friday at 10.30pm and Saturday-Sunday at 9.30pm only on COLORS!

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