Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (English: For the sake of each other) is an Indian Hindi romantic television series, which premiered on 29 February 2016, and is broadcast on Sony TV and Sony TV Asia. The series airs Monday to Friday at 10 p.m.

Nikita Dutta and Namik Paul are finalised to play the female and male lead roles respectively. The plot of the series is about friendship and a love relationship.

The show is set in Delhi and revolves around Shravan Malhotra and Suman Tiwari.

Suman comes from a close nit family and has been brought up by her grandfather as a strong, independent, and self-respectful girl. The Malhotras are an elite family of two brothers, their wives and sons, Shravan and Pushkar, who have been friends with Suman since childhood. Suman’s grandfather used to mentor Shravan’s father and the two have a very strong bond to this day.

Shravan and Suman are separated when Shravan leaves for London to practice law after his parents are divorced. Shravan returns to India after 10 years in London. Suman eagerly awaits his return only to find that he is not the same boy that she was best friends with. Suman apologizes to Shravan for leaving him when he needed her 10 years ago, but Shravan brushes it off. He vows to get revenge on her for what she did to him. He plans a school reunion party where he insults Suman, similar to what happened to him so long ago. Afterwards, Suman and Shravan part ways until Suman’s house gets in trouble. Shravan fights the case and wins. During this time, they grow close again and rekindle their friendship. Suman tries to reunite Shravan’s mother with him but is unsuccessful, as he believes strongly in the lies his father has told him. Shravan’s father, who is possessive about Shravan, begins to dislike Suman and gradually becomes successful in driving a wedge between the two.

As Shravan and Suman are going through continuous tiffs, Preeti, Suman’s cousin, and Pushkar end up falling in love and are also able to gain their family’s reluctant approval. During their marriage preparations, Suman’s grandfather suffers a heart attack and makes Suman promise him she will marry Aditya, a family friend, before he passes away. Pressured and unable to confess her love for Shravan, she agrees to the alliance. Shravan ends their friendship when he feels that she was using him. Upon Suman and Aditya’s wedding announcement, Shravan feels heartbroken and succumbs to suicidal tendencies and alcohol consumption. Meanwhile, Suman prepares to wed Aditya, who also happens to be Shravan’s step-brother, for the sake of her grandfather. After that, Shravan takes on the responsibility of Suman’s marriage which leaves Suman confused since he ended all his relations with her. Aditya begins to suspect that something happened between Suman and Shravan in the past and tries to find out as he is a very possessive person. He becomes obsessed for Suman’s love. On the day of their wedding it is shown that Shravan lies to Aditya that he and Suman had intimated before. This makes Aditya angry and he ends up trying to molest Suman.Shravan gets to know about this and beats him up.Finally,the marriage is called off. Now,there is a surprising twist in the story.Kamini goes to Tiwari Killa and proposes Suman’s and Shravan’s marriage.Tiwari ji calls Suman and Shravan and asks them to get married. He persuades Ramnath by asking Shravan’s hand as Gurudakshina. So, Suman and Shravan’s marriage is fixed. Suman tells that she wants a simple marriage so Shravan takes her to the Marriage court and they get married.

Ramnath gets to know about this and asks Shravan to meet him immediately. As soon as Shravan enters his car, two goons hit on his head and he falls unconcious. They abduct him, as per the orders of Aditya, who is desirous of taking revenge as Shravan was the one responsible for the breaking of this alliance with Suman, as Shravan said that he and Suman have had a pre-marital physical relationship.

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