MUMBAI: Vaishnavi Macdonald is a brilliant actress.

She has been seen in a number of projects and is currently also seen in Meet. While we often come across some very fun loving posts of the actress on her social media handle, she also keeps us thoroughly entertained with her stint in television shows.

Her warm personality is a visual delight while she is seen in Meet, she also has made a cameo appearance in the recently launched Banni Chow Home Delivery on Star Plus. In an exclusive conversation with, Vaishnavi opened up on her experience shooting for the show.

How was your experience shooting for Banni Chow Home Delivery?

Well, it was a wonderful experience. My character is an on-going cameo where I keep appearing in Yuvaan’s dreams. I did it because Shashi Sumeet Productions is like a family to me and I usually agree to do it with them.

How was it to shoot with Pravisht Mishra?

I have worked with Pravisht in Barrister Babu earlier and I must say that he is a wonderful boy to work with. He is very talented and hardworking too. I haven’t shot with Ulka Gupta but I look forward to shooting with them as there are a talented bunch of actors on the show.

What do you think the audience reaction is after watching the show?

Well, I have seen my part and when I was dubbing I felt that it is looking great. Shashi Sumeet Productions is known for bringing good content on the table and definitely there is something great coming out from their show.

We have usually seen you in continuity roles, so what made you give a nod to play a cameo role?

First of all I have been associated with Shashi Sumeet Productions from a very long time now. Infact, I have been working with them only, from the last few years so when they called me to play the part of Yuvaan’s mother, I thought there must be something different about this character as well as whenever they have brought me on board, it has always turned out to be something good.

When I shot for Banni Chow Home Delivery, I was quite surprised as it was a role quite younger than what I have played so far and the look was something very nice and different. It was more vibrant and fresh so that was another USP.

After coming to this stage of my career, I look at what kind of roles am I being offered as I have passed the phase of thinking about how lengthy my role would be.

Well said Vaishnavi!

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