Olympian Neeraj Chopra to show up on Dance+ Season 6, cheering on the contestants

Indians are always on the lookout for occasions to break into their best moves. Time and again they’ve made the streets their stage and expressed their joy. So evidently, dance as an art form comes quite naturally to us being such a relatable one. That itself stands for why the Star Plus show Dance+ Season 6 has done so well onscreen. Grooving to the beats of the show for a few years now, we’ve all developed an appetite for consuming content that is creatively satisfying, and the kind of contestants we have on-board this season give us exactly what we expect out of a show like Dance+.

The show with its gained popularity has reached quite a milestone and is striving to keep us entertained through and through. They recently invited Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra on the show and that has added an X factor to the already great show. This immensely excited and encouraged the contestants to do their best and the episode turned out to be a massive success. If a show can manage to even get an athlete grooving then it is definitely worth watching.

Speaking of his appearance on the show, India’s star javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, who created history by becoming the country’s first Track & Field Olympic Gold medallist at Tokyo2020 said, “While dance isn’t my strongest suit, I had a fun and memorable experience on set. Everybody on the show was immensely warm and welcoming towards me and made me feel at home. It was truly thrilling to see the immense talent on stage and some of the acts left me stunned. In many ways, the dancers and athletes are similar because they put in tremendous hours of hard work in practice to be able to perform when it matters the most. So, I felt great to be there amidst all these talented dancers, who are all exceptional in their own way. There were some fun elements as well, like when Raghav called me on stage and we did the ‘most googled questions about me’ bit which was quite amusing. The best part about the experience was to see the team spirit among everyone on set and I wish them all the best for their future.”

Tune into ‘Star Plus’ every ‘Sunday’ at ‘8 pm’ to get grooving with ‘Dance+ Season 6’.

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