MUMBAI: Actress Rishina Kandhari who is a known face in the world of showbiz shares her take on World Wildlife Day, celebrated on 3rd March. She developed a keen interest in wildlife photography and has taken a plethora of pictures from all of her wildlife safaris. The gorgeous actress also opened a social media account dedicated to displaying her photography. She says,” I went for my first wildlife Safari in 2020 in Pench, I  had no idea what it would be like. But to my surprise. my first safari was beautiful; call it beginner’s luck but I spotted 5 tigers. I believe wildlife is mesmerizing and one can get lost in the beauty of it, that’s what happened to me too. When I see a tiger walking in front of me, it plays out in slow motion in my head. Sometimes I get so mesmerised that I forget to pick up my camera and click a picture. I get so into the moment that my driver has to remind me saying “Arey ma’am photo to lelo” to click the picture as the animal won’t wait for us or pose either.” 

She also adds “I realise that it is very important to enjoy the wildlife with your eyes for a blissful experience. I do like taking pictures as I have learnt it professionally.” 

What are the tips you would like to give to all budding wildlife photographers?
“When you visit wildlife sanctuaries, you should have a perfect guide and a driver who is confident in driving well in the jungle for your safety because the paths are uneven. Secondly, whenever you go to these parks, you are always sitting in an open jeep.  While you can opt for vehicles that are covered, wildlife photographers prefer sighting in an open jeep so that they can capture good pictures. One should never be out of the car because it is very risky. You might be distracting the animals and they might charge as they are wild not tamed. Refrain from littering around. You must wear covered clothing, a cap, and a mask to protect yourself from dust. You should also carry water as it is very essential. You should avoid talking loudly or you might chase the animals away.
Wildlife photography is all about patience one has to be patient enough to wait for the animals to come out.” 

Rishina who is also an actor and loves to face the camera, portraying various roles shares her liking for safaris. She says,” Wildlife safaris are like an addiction and, trust me, there is no rehab for it. The more you go, the more you want to go again. India has so many jungles and every time you go to a different jungle, it’s a different feel altogether.  The beauty of nature is absolutely alluring and it calls you. You can’t resist but go in. The morning sun, the fresh breeze, the swinging trees and the gorgeous-looking animal popping in front of you like a miracle is an outstanding experience. I’ve been learning about wildlife from the famous naturist Sanjay Monga, Yogendra shah, Punit Sachdev and wildlife photographer Sarosh Lodhi  and I am really thankful to them for teaching me all about nature, photography and always pepping me up on dry safaris, telling me that with patience and practice, I will get better and better.”

Post lockdown, all of our interests have changed and so has Rishina’s. She shares, “My interest in wildlife photography came in immediately after the lockdown got over. I read and heard about the animals being happy and free because of no pollution and no humans outdoors. I decided that I will go to the jungles and explore more and that is how I got in touch with the wildlife. Today on this special occasion, I urge humans to value and protect nature as we all are interconnected and interrelated. Animals are also part of the world therefore they also need to be protected and saved. Wildlife is something we cannot construct, once it is gone, it is gone forever. Man can rebuild a pyramid but can’t rebuild ecology or an animal.”

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