MUMBAI : Business-mortgage is back with yet another BTS update from your favorite show Pandya Store. We keep our viewers updated with the happenings around their favorite TV shows and celebrities. Pandya Store has managed to create a place in the hearts of the audience with its relatable plot and honest to heart characters.

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Pandya Store has managed to grab the attention of the masses with its heartfelt and emotional plot that surrounds the Pandya family. The audience finds the characters’ imperfections and stories relatable.

Our viewers also want to know what goes on behind the scenes on their favorite shows and gather some tidbits about their favorite TV star’s life.

The stars from Pandya Store too, keep us updated with what goes on around them. 

Recently, in a post, Simran Budharup aka Rishita shared some pictures of herself from her childhood and that sent us swooning. She is the cutest child and looks adorable in those pictures. In one of the posts, she is dressed for what seems like a fancy dressed competition, in a costume of a fairy.

The other pictures showed her with her brother and she sat quietly next to him. As her brother tries to kiss her, she still looks disinterested.

Simran was definitely an adorable kid and we loved to indulge in a nostalgia ourselves along with her, reminiscing on our own childhood with her!

Meanwhile in Pandya Store, Shweta tells her mother how Dhara is dead and she is being accused of her murder. Shweta is frantic on call as her mother confirms that Dhara is in fact dead. Shweta’s parents encounter Shiva and Suman outside the house and inform them of Dhara’s murder and how there’s police investigating everything and Shweta is being accused.

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