In Main Naa Bhoolungi, Mohanto and Sunaina speak about Aditya and Samaira’s marriage and his decision to get Aditya divorce from Madhu. Mohanto goes to meet Madhu to take her sign on the divorce papers. Madhu pleads him to take her home. He promises to take her home and asks her to sign on the papers. Madhu asks what is in these papers. She is shocked to sees that they are divorce papers and asks Mohanto how can he ask her to sign divorce papers. Mohanto says he is doing it for Arnav. Madhu says Aditya is doing all this as he loves Shikha. Mohanto asks her to sign, Madhu refuses and misses her mom. Mohanto forcefully takes Madhu’s thumb impression on papers. Samaira smirks seeing this.

Samaira comes to Madhu’s room and tells her to be in mental ward until you are alive. Mohanto shows divorce papers to Aditya. Aditya pretends to be upset for Madhu. He shows the papers to Samaira and gets happy. Shikha tells Avinash that she has to marry Aditya as Mohanto loves Manav very much and she wants to adopt him legally. One mad man tried to strangle Madhu, but she gets saved by the nurses. Madhu gets scared. Samaira and Aditya celebrates. Aditya congratulates Samaira and calls her Mrs. Samaira Aditya Jagannath.

Samaira gets a call who says a senior doctor is coming to check up Madhu and he can’t give her sedatives. Samaira informs about it to Aditya who plans to buy senior doctor also. Samaira gets worried. Mohanto requests Avinash to agree for Aditya and Samaira’s alliance. Avinash asks Mohanto for a commitment to secure his daughter’s future. He asks Mohanto to transfer 15% of his company’s shares on Samaira’s name. Mohanto agrees surprising Aditya and Samaira.

Doctor checks Madhu. She gives right answers at first and then gives wrong answer. Aditya and Samaira listen to her. They get relieved. Doctor tells Aditya that your wife have to be here for some more time. Madhu laughs and says she herself act madly and will kill them. Aarya informs Jai about Mohanto’s decision. He thinks to do something. Panditji takes out a date for marriage after 1 day or else they have to wait for a year. Avinash says, he wants his daughter’s wedding lavishly and can wait for one year. Aditya says he wants a simple wedding. Samaira agrees with him. Avinash and Mohanto agree too. He thinks to transfer the property tomorrow itself.

Neeraj gets sad and drinks alcohol. He shares his sorrows with Mahi. Aditya takes Shikha to his room and says it is ours now. Shikha thanks him. She recalls Aditya killing her. Aditya hugs Samaira romantically. Samaira says she is not yet his wife. Aditya says she will soon be. They both look at each other romantically. Aditya tries to kiss her, but Samaira pushes him. Jai asks Mohanto how can he give 15% property share to Samaira. He is feeling something fishy in Mr. Seth/Avinash’s demands. Mohanto is adamant on his decision. Jai thinks only Aditya can stop this property transfer now.

Jai comes to Aditya and plays a clip where Aditya is telling Madhu that he loves Samaira and he is the one who sent her to mental asylum. Aditya is shocked. Aditya asks what does he want. Jai says he should stop Mohanto from transferring property share to Samaira. Mohanto, Avinash and Samaira reach lawyer’s office. Jai and Aditya reaches the lawyer’s office. Aditya stops Samaira from signing papers and says he does not want to marry as it is looking like a business deal. He says, money may not be there tomorrow, but one thing remains will be trust.

Samaira asks Aditya how dare he is to talk like that to her dad. Aditya says, Jai has a recording of his talk with Madhu accepting his love for Samaira. He warned to stop the property transfer, else he will give that recording to Mohanto. Samaira and Avinash come to Mohanto’s house and Avinash says Samaira and Aditya’s marriage will happen for sure tomorrow. He praises Aditya. Mohanto says now I will transfer Samaira’s 15% share in Arnav’s name.

Sunaina asks Samaira to select the best bridal dress. Samaira recalls her first wedding. Nurse gives medicines to Madhu. She drinks it, but spits once nurse goes out. Aditya asks Jai to give his recording as he has stopped property transfer in Samaira’s name. Jai asks him to get out of the house after his marriage with Samaira. Aditya proposes romantically to Samaira and makes her wear the ring. Samaira recalls Sameer confessing love for her. Arnav calls her Mamma. She gets emotional. Sunaina gets happy seeing them.

Samaira comes to meet Madhu and tells her that she is going to marry Aditya. She swears to destroy their lives. Madhu says, it does not make any difference for her. Aditya gets into Samaira’s bathroom and tries to kiss her, but she stops him. Madhu decides to escape from the hospital. Madhu hits the nurse with a plate on her head. Madhu wears burqa and escapes from mental assylum. Later, Nurse regains consciousness and informs the doctor.

Shikha gets ready for her marriage. She tells Avinash that she will play with Aditya’s life now and won’t spare him. She goes downstairs for her wedding. Aditya talks to Madhu’s pic and says he didn’t think she would land in such a place. He is shocked to see Mohanto and Sunaina and starts acting. He tells them that he doesn’t want to marry and was apologizing to Madhu. Sunaina says, she is proud of him. Aditya and Samaira goes to the wedding altar holding each other hand. Panditji starts wedding mantras and asks them to exchange garlands. They exchange the garlands and sit for the wedding. Madhu enters then and calls Mohanto shocking everyone. Keep reading.

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