MUMBAI: Farman Haider is known for featuring in shows such as ‘Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2’ and ‘Namah Lakshmi Narayan’, and reveals about enjoying action sequences.

He is currently seen playing the role of Samar in the TV show ‘Rakshabandhan…Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhaal’, talks about creating social awareness against gambling with the ongoing sequence in the show.

He says, “Gambling has been around for a long time in almost all cultures and somehow people are still involved in it. Yet, it continues to be controversial and our recent track revolves around it. In the show, I have lost everything in fact my wife in gambling. It’s sad that even after gambling has been banned for different periods of time, this did not stop people from gambling, regardless of whether it was legal or illegal. It’s the worst addiction one can enjoy.”

“Losing money can turn into a serious issue. Gambling addiction can lead to big financial losses, especially since people who are addicted to gambling are willing to go to extreme lengths to get money to continue to gamble. They often take large loans they can’t pay back and in some cases, it might prompt them to resort to crime. I’m happy that with my role I can create some social awareness, he asserts on the harms of gambling.”

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