Naksh will finally be free of this mysterious chick.

The entry of actress Veena Jagtap in Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai sparked speculations as to how she would be the one for Naksh (Rohan Mehra) and how she was a fraud. Those who went by the second option, were bang on. The mystery girl turns out to be a major fraud, out to get Naksh and his wealth.

Her real name is Nisha and not Rhea, as she had revealed to Naksh. She faked all the attacks on her so that Naksh gets the impression of her being the damsel in distress and comes to her rescue. This was her plan all along. It so happens, that Naksh shelters her in the Singhania household to keep her safe from the goons.

Akshara (Hina Khan) has her doubts but does not voice them. On the pretext of helping the family, Nisha mixes a drug in the kheer that she prepares for the family and all of them fall asleep. Fate plays on Akshara and Naksh’s side as they do not consume the kheer (Naksh is diabetic).

Nisha is caught by the mother-son duo and handed over to the police. Nisha plots the entire act of falling in trouble so that she can get Naksh’s sympathy. Her actual intention is to rob the Singhania household. Our sources also informed us that this is a wrap for Veena Jagtap’s character. We tried reaching the concerned actors but couldn’t get through.
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