Actress Nehha Pendse recently spoke to a media porta; about the comparison between Bigg Boss house and the quarantine period, her upcoming projects, and much more.

She said, ‘Quarantine is good. Few days are happy, and few days are depressing. I am keeping myself busy. I am working out. I never cooked in my life, not even in the Bigg Boss house, but I am finally cooking in my own house and it consumes a lot of time.’

‘There is never a good timing for a quarantine and pandemic like this, but after my marriage, I am getting so much time to behave or act in the direction of a homemaker, which is not how truly I am as a person,’ she added.

Talking about fitness, the actress stated, ‘I am missing fitness, I am missing my instruments, and I am missing everything. But even at home, there’s a lot of work, right from washing clothes and cooking food to taking care of my 5 dogs.’

On comparison between the present lockdown and the Bigg Boss house, she quipped, ‘They are wrong. There is no television, newspaper, or phone in the Bigg Boss house. Imagine living in a house where 10-15 people are always waiting to criticise and fight with you. Living in such an environment is depressing and negative itself. Please do not compare quarantine with Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss is true hell; this is LalaLand.’

On her upcoming Marathi film with Siddharth Menon, she shared, ‘We just recently shot for a beautiful film together, and he’s a pleasure to work with. The film is a Marathi film called June. The subject that we are talking about and the story are really universal. It’s like a language no barrier type film. He’s my co-star in the film.’

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