MUMBAI: Singer Mika Singh is looking for a bride, but much before the commencement of his matchmaking reality show, Swayamvar – Mika Di Vohti, the drama has started unfolding. Singh, who was recently in Delhi for a press interaction for the upcoming show, lost his calm during the event and abused at a senior journalist.

An eye-witness adds, “Mika abused the journalist. He was really upset on being asked about Rakhi and said something to the effect of being in no comparison with her. He refused to do any interviews with the media present, claiming he is too big for them, but he agreed after coaxing by the team.”

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A source says, “The incident took place at a banquet hall when a news channel editor asked Mika about (actor) Rakhi Sawant’s participation in the show (the duo made news for a kiss controversy in 2006). He maintained his calm in front of the media but soon walked away from the venue. He called the journalist, the show’s entire team into a room and had a verbal spat with the journalist.”

Meanwhile, the show’s team apologised to the journalist and ensured whatever happened in the room didn’t leak out.

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