In Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar, Neil and Agam come to the dinner. Ragini asks Neil to behave like a guest. She reminds him that he came there as Nishi’s father and also reminds him that he is her ex husband. He says he forgot long back. Ragini tells Aman that he can come at anytime to their house after Nishi’s marriage too. Neil sees Aman cooking in the kitchen and takes his pic. Neil taunts Aman. Aman asks why you are taking my pics. Neil says you run a hospital and here you are cooking food. He asks do you stay here. Aman says I have a home at Juhu, but I stay here. Neil says you lives here in 2 bedrooms house. Aman says sorry for calling him bad and says I didn’t know that you are Ragini’s husband.

Jignesh comes with his family and greets them. Neil asks Aman to show the house to them. Aman agrees. Jignesh’s grand maa sees the house and praises Ragini. Jignesh’s father says his mother is emotional about Jignesh’s marriage and asks for a lavish wedding. Jignesh’s father says he will bear the expenses. Ragini says she will manage. Jignesh’s mother says we haven’t asked anything from you and asks her to get the marriage done lavishly. Neil comes and asks what is the matter? Ragini says she can handle everything. Dadi asks Jignesh’s father about Aman and asks what relation he have with Ragini. Jignesh says he is like Ragini’s family member.

Pam comes and tells Neil that she has to come here because of him. Neil says he has to come with Agam. Pam says I planned your dinner with someone else. Pam scolds Neil further and asks can’t you see what this woman is doing with you. She moved in life and can’t see you move in. Just then Nivedita comes there. Nivedita says I came here without any invitation. She says she knows only two homes, one is hers and other one is of Ragini’s. Neil says sorry. Nivedita tells to Neil that his place is much high in her eyes than sorry and thanks. I can wait for entire life for you.

Nivedita congratulates her and says it is good she moved on in life as everyone deserves happiness. Agam on phone speaks to Suhani and shows what dress he wore on Nishi’s engagement. She says he must be looking funny. Agam says he felt family love for the first time and his importance also. Ragini says she has some FDs, even then she cannot arrange more than 50,000 Rs. Mom asks her not to worry. Mom asks if she can take Jignesh’s parent’s help. Ragini says they are already sharing for 4 functions and she cannot ask them more. Mom asks if she can lend money from Aman. Ragini says he is just her good friend and she does not want to burden him. Mom asks her to take help from Neil. Ragini says she took care of children alone and even now god will help her.

Neil takes Nivedita to a restaurant and orders sandwich and coffee for him and her. Musician asks him what song to play. She says Zindagi kaisi hai paheli…She says she got many proposals, but did not want to compromise on her conditions. Pam tells to Dimpy that as Ragini has moved on and Neil also has right to move on, so she sent him with Nivedita to get comfortable with her and start loving her. Nivedita says Neil that she missed this city a lot and loves it. She suggests him to buy a property in this city to reminisce his old days.

Ragini calls property agent and tells that she wants to sell her house and needs advance payment. Agent agrees. Ragini’s mom hears that and asks how can she sell her papa’s gifted house. Ragini says to get Nishi’s house, she has to sell her dream house and says her papa had told that this house will show her right path whenever she is in trouble and this house is doing the same. Nishi gets ready with snacks and dhokla to deliver them to Agam. Ragini stops him and says she will give it to Agam. Ragini reaches Karan’s house and rings bell. Neil opens it. Ragini gives the snacks. Agam sees her and gets happy. He hugs her and makes her sit on sofa.

Pam gets angry seeing Ragini. She taunts that her morning is bad now. Pam says Neil should move out in life and marry Nivedita and asks Ragini to explain it to Neil as he listens only to her, says when she has moved out in life with her new husband Aman, even Neil has to move out with Nivedita. Ragini gets embarrassed hearing that and says she will leave now. Ragini reminisces Nivedita showing concern for Neil and getting closer to him and other incidents where women praised Neil and thinks why is she getting jealous seeing Nivedita closer to Neil.

Neil calls property agent and asks him to get a property in Ragini’s area. The Agent says he is lucky that there is one property, but owner needs money immediately. Neil says ok. The Agent then calls Ragini and tells her that he got a client and will fix meeting. Aarav comes home and asks Ragini to sell off his laptop and get him a bike for his birthday. She says Nishi’s marriage is around and she cannot afford birthday expenses. She says that she is selling this house as she does not have money for marriage expenses. Nishi gets emotional and asks Ragini to tell Jignesh’s family that she will not marry.

Arav says Ragini that she is settling Nishi’s life by marrying her to Jignesh who is well settled and leaving him without house. She says she is there to take care of hos responsibilities. She asks Aarav and asks how can he think of stopping his sister’s marriage. Nishi and Ragini get emotional. Jignesh’s grandmother calls Ragini home and says Nishi and Jignesh’s marriage should happen on 18th of the month. Nivedita tells Pam that she is going to office. Agam comes there. Nivedita wishes him happy birthday. He gives Neil’s credit card to Pam and says he wants to celebrate it with Arav, Ragini and Nishi. Pam gets irked and says he celebrated birthdays till now with her and will for the coming birthdays. Agam gets upset. Keep reading.

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