Actress Donal Bisht who has worked in a multiple shows like Ek Deewana Tha, Roop-Mard Ka Naya Swaroop etc. has made a huge leap from television to films. She talks about her experience of working in films and how her small screen background has only made things all the more better for her!

The actress says “I am an actor, irrespective of any medium, and every medium works differently. With television, an actor has to shoot atleast 9-10 scenes a day, and in films one only has to shoot 1-2 scenes in a day. What’s interesting is that people have presumptions that I learn my lines faster than anyone on set, since I’ve done TV, so that’s always a plus point.

Further pointing out the difference between film and television sets, she says, “Honestly, in television, the chances of second takes are very less. But in films, we have enough time to get into the zone of a particular scene and execute in the most natural way possible”.

The actress also reveals that she has been watching a lot of award-winning films during the lockdown. She says, “During the lockdown I have watched a lot of films which I couldn’t see because of my hectic schedule. So, I learnt a lot of things directly on the set and all that I had was confidence”.

On the professional front, Donal wrapped up the shoot of her two web-shows, The Socho Project, In Cold Blood, and is currently shooting for her upcoming Telugu film ‘Dare To Sleep’.

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