In Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar, Ragini thinks Aarav had not done Shilpa’s accident else he would have informed her. Sunny shows Shilpa’s scarf and asks Nishi if it is hers. She says no. Nishi takes scarf from her, searches Aarav’s bag and finds costly new mobile box in it. Aarav comes home and asks Nani to serve him food. Ragini says his hands are stained with Shilpa’s blood, slaps him and asks what did he do? Ragini shows him scarf and mobile and asks about them. He says he got it as a birthday gift. She says Dimpy told that her son did this. He says Ranbeer did Shilpa’s accident. Ragini is shocked. He says Shilpa is his childhood friend and cannot think of harming her. He says that he chose Nishi. Ragini gets surprised. Aarav says Ranbeer is Nishi’s brother, so her marriage would have been at risk if they had arrested Ranbeer. Ragini says Ranbeer did a mistake and she will get him arrested.

Ragini reaches police station with Aarav and tells Inspector that her son wants to complain. Aarav tells that Ranbeer Khanna made Shilpa’s accident. Inspector thanks Aarav and asks constable to get arrest warrant against Ranbeer. Nivedita comes there and hears everything. She says that Ragini hates Neil and his children so much that she is hatching plan to get her own son arrested. Ragini says she loves her son a lot. Nivedita gives case papers to inspector and leaves. Nivedita comes home and says she cannot understand how a mother can do this to her own son. Neil says he knows Ragini well. Inspector comes with Ragini there and arrests Ranbeer. Nivedita checks papers and tells Pam that Ranbeer has to go with police. Pam asks Ragini why she wants to arrest her own son. Ragini says she is doing right. Neil says Inspector they can sit and talk. Nivedita asks Neil that she will release Ranbeer with bail orders in the morning.

Neil asks Ragini why did she get her own son arrested. Ragini says she wants to get her son get to the right track. He asks her not to do the same to Ranbeer which she did it to him. Ragini tells Neil pushed her son into wrong path. Aman asks her to calm down. She says Neil’s presence does not matter to her. Pam tells Neil that she told him not to come to a city where Ragini lives and now Ranbeer is in jail because of them. She blames Neil. Agam says Neil that he did not try to correct Ranbeer till now when he misbehaved or did wrong. He says Ragini wants to correct him then why he is opposing instead of taking her side. Pam gets irked and tries to slap him. Neil stops her. Neil says Agam that he will neither go to Ragini’s house from hereon nor talk to her.

Jignesh’s parents and grandma come to Ragini’s house. Ragini comes with Aman. Grandma asks Aman if he comes daily to drop Ragini. He says he came just today. Neil reminisces his happier days with Ragini and their divorce. Ragini looks at her pic with Neil and children and apologizes to Ranbeer. Nivedita comes back and tells that she could not get bail for Ranbeer as it is second Saturday today and they will have to wait till Monday. Neil says his son cannot stay in jail for 2 days and asks her to do something. She says she cannot take law in her hand and Ranbeer has to stay in jail till Monday. She starts badmouthing about Ragini. Neil asks her to use her contacts to get bail. Ragini attends society meeting and refuses to take up a job as a society secretary. Ragini says she cannot as her daughter’s marriage is on the way and she is busy.

Neil comes there and drags her from there. He says because of her, someone’s life was at risk and they had to divorce. She says it was his mistake. They both start a heated argument. Aman comes there He asks him to attend his daughter’s wedding and not interfere in his wife’s life. Neil asks him to stop his speech and ask Ragini why did they divorce. Neil reaches Nivedita room inebriated. She starts acting and showing fake concern. He asks if she will marry him and be his wife for the rest of his life. She hugs him and smirks. Nivedita informs Pam that Neil proposed her yesterday night in an inebriated state and wants to marry her. Pam gets happy and decides to get her and Neil’s engagement. Shilpa’s mom happily informs Ragini that Shilpa shook her fingers. Ragini says it is a great news and goes to check Shilpa.

Aman and Ragini are in his car. While driving, he asks why did Neil want me to know about your divorce and asks her to tell what happened. She says situations were not in her favor and she had to take divorce. He asks why did they divide their children and asks her to open her heart out whenever she wants. Pam comes to Neil’s room and informs that he proposed Nivedita yesterday night. Neil gets confused. Pam asks to stop acting confused. He calls Nivedita and asks what did he tell her yesterday night. She says he proposed her yesterday night. Aman reaches Ragini’s house with grocery bags. Aman says he brought breakfast for them. Ragini says she is not habituated with favours. He asks her not to think much. Ragini’s mother suggests her to move ahead in life and marry Aman. Ragini gets thinking.

Inspector reaches hospital and tells Ragini that he will not spare Ranbeer as he spoilt Shilpa’s life. Ranbeer nervously asks Pam to get him out from jail as he cannot stay in anymore. Pam says Ragini knew till Monday, he cannot get bail, so she purposefully got him arrested on Friday. Nivedita says they will have to bribe Shilpa and her mother and force them to change their statement. Pam meets Shilpa’s mother and offers her money to clear bills and promises to take care of Shilpa’s education expenses. She asks her to convince Shilpa not to take Ranbeer’s name and gives money envelope to her. Mom throws money on floor, refusing her offer. Aman calls Ragini and tells about Pam’s drama. Ragini says they will have to teach them a lesson. Keep reading.

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