Last week Nandini walked out from Raghuvanshi’s house as her husband Rajveer suspected her of having an affair. She refuses to give explanation to Rajveer. She comes to her mother’s home and tells them everything. Her mother asks her to go back but her father supports her. Nandini says, she has forgiven Rajveer every time but not anymore. Abhay thinks about Nandini while sitting at the PRP office. His office staff tells him that because of Nandini, they are getting positive response. Abhay feels guilty and thinks to concentrate on Rajveer. Rajveer misses Nandini at home. Everyone ask him to join the PRP party.

Nandini decides to go to temple. Siddharth asks him, why she is going to temple. Nandini replies that she is going to temple for Rajveer as today is his birthday. Abhay comes to the temple. Rajveer’s family come to the temple. Nandini comes with her family. Rajveer and Nandini offer prayers together. Siddharth questions Rajveer about doubting Nandini and gets angry. Nandini stops Siddharth. They go to their respective homes.

Rajveer calls Gayatri Devi and tells her that he wants to join the party campaign. She gets happy. Nandini calls her old boss and asks for a job. Meanwhile Rajveer gets a call from Smith. He is shocked to know the truth. Dadi calls Nandini. Nandini tells her that she didn’t say anything as Rajveer doesn’t trust her. She tells her about going to the farm house with Abhay, falling unconscious after having medicine. She tells that she was unaware of Gayatri Devi and Rajveer visit to the farm house. Rajveer hears it and gets shocked. Dadi too is shocked. Dadi consoles Rajveer and asks him to bring Nandini back home. He regrets for not trusting Nandini and doubting her character.

Rajveer comes to Nandini’s house and asks her parents to let him talk to his wife. Pandeyji asks him to resolve the matter. He apologizes to Nandini infront of her family. Nandini’s mom asks her to forgive Rajveer. Nandini tells him that she can’t forgive him for doubting her character. She goes to her room and locks the door. Rajveer and other persist her to open the door. Ritu insults Rajveer. Pandeyji scolds her. He tells her that she is his life. Nandini doesn’t open the door. Rajveer asks her to forgive him and come back home. Nandini says, you married me for the political interest and I never got a right of a wife. You insulted me by doubting my character. She says, I love you but if I come back then may be my love will turn into hatred. Rajveer says, it is better for us to stay seperated.

Rajveer comes to the party office. Gayatri Devi and Abhay welcome him with garlands. He throws the flowers in anger and tells them that he doubted Nandini wrongly. She was actually planning a surprise birthday party for him. He tells her that he went to Nandini but she refused to come back home. He says, she is very much hurt. Gayatri Devi says, she left the house from her own will. Rajveer says, Abhay is equally guilty if Nandini is guilty. He leaves.

Rajveer recollects Nandini’s words. Gayatri Devi asks Abhay to widen the difference between Rajveer and Nandini. Rajveer feels pained. Dadi assures Rajveer that Nandini will be back. She says, tomorrow is holi and people are coming to see Divya, so Nandini should be at home . Rajveer thanks Dadi and calls Nandini’s mom. He requests her to bring Nandini to his house for the holi. She promises to support her. Nandini’s family discuss how to make Nandini go to Rajveer house. They determines to bring them together.

Raghuvanshi family celebrates holi. Gayatri Devi tells about the alliance of Divya. Dadi feels Nandini’s absence. Rajveer’s bhabhi asks him to play holi. He says, he will celebrate holi with Nandini first. Rajveer asks his chachi to make Gajar Ka Halwa. He says, Nandini is coming. Gayatri Devi says, she won’t come. Rajveer says, he has faith that she will come.

Nandini’s mom tells her that she is going to her chacha’s house to celebrate holi. Nandini refuses to go anywhere. Pandeyji talks to Nandini and asks her if she is happy to stay afar from Rajveer. Nandini replies I have to live life sadly. He convinces her to get back to normal. Nandini comes and says lets go. Nandini is unaware that they are actually going to Rajveer’s house. Rajveer plays music and tells Gayatri Devi that he is happy as Nandini is returning. She asks him not to believe in false hope. Rajveer faiths on Nandini. Some guys misbehaves with a girl. Nandini gets down from an auto and asks them to respect woman. They laugh on her and is about to colour her face with holi. Jacky Bhagnani comes and stops him. He promotes his film Youngistan.

Rajveer awaits for Nandini eagerly. Divya’s marriage gets fixed. She sees that they are going towards Raghuvanshi Mansion and questions her mom. Anchal asks her to asks Pandey ji. They get down an auto. Nandini asks Pandeyji, why you lied to me. Pandeyji tells her that Ranveer is truly repenting for his mistakes and needs a second chance. Rajveer comes and requests for a chance but Nandini refuses.

Everyone comes outside. Dadi introduces Nandini to Divya’s to be inlaws. Divya’s to be husband Gautam insults Nandini’s family. Rajveer supports Nandini and her family. Nandini is insulted by Rajveer’s bhabhi. Nandini thinks Rajveer called her to insult her. Gayatri Devi tells Rajveer to forget Nandini as she won’t be returning. Dadi supports Rajveer and asks him to get Nandini back home.

Pandey family celebrates holi at their society. Rajveer comes to Nandini’s house. Nandini feels Rajveer’s presence and turns. They have an eye lock. Will Rajveer and Nandini unite? Keep reading Desh Ki Beti Nandini.

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