In Jee Le Zara, Saanchi takes care of Neena when she is unwell. She makes her sleep in her room and switches on the AC. Suparna thinks Saanchi is sleeping, lowers the AC temperature and locks the door. Saanchi hears Neena’s voice and runs towards her room. She sees Neena unconscious on the bed. She gives her salt water to drink. Suparna scolds her. Saanchi says, she knows what to do. She calls Doctor. Doctor praises Saanchi for saving Neena. Saanchi doubts on Suparna. Saanchi takes care of Neena. Neena asks her to go. Saanchi tells Suparna that she knows who is behind all this. She says, she knows that she tried to kill her, but mom was trapped instead. Suparna asks, if she has any proofs. Saanchi says, if she have proof then she would have sued her. She warns her not to show her smartness and trouble her dear ones.

Saanchi then packs her bags and tells Dhruv that it is time for her to leave. Dhruv is shocked. He stops her. Saanchi says, she have to go. Dhruv wishes to come with her, but Saanchi asks him to stay with Neena. She gives him promise. Dhruv hesitantly agrees. Dhruv and Saanchi cry. Next morning, Saanchi tells Neena that she is going away from Dhruv’s life as she is unable to give him happiness. Neena stays silent. Anway tells her that she has proven to be the best bahu of the house and tries to stop her. Anway asks Neena to do something. Saanchi is leaving. Neena stops her and asks her to return whatever she gave to her. Suparna asks her to return her jewellery. Saanchi removes her bangles and gives it to Neena. Neena asks her to return her love, trust, care and everything. She asks her not to leave. Neena makes her wear the bangles again.

Neena apologizes to her and asks for forgiveness. Saanchi hugs her emotionally. Neena tells her that she has realized her worth. Saanchi and Dhruv are happy. Saanchi tells Dhruv that Suparna is behind the attack on Neena. Anway tells them that they haven’t caught Suparna yet. Suparna thinks of a plan. Suparna spills powder on the footsteps and waits for Saanchi to step down and falls. Neena gives appointment papers to Saanchi and asks her to visit the doctor.

Saanchi goes to get tea and falls down the stairs. She gets unconscious. Suparna gets happy and wipes the powder on the stairs. Yash comes home and sees Saanchi unconscious on the floor. He calls Dhruv and Neena. He asks Neena, why Saanchi is still there. Neena tells him everything. Doctor comes and checks Saanchi. He informs everyone about Saanchi being 8 weeks pregnant. They get shocked and equally happy. Doctor tells them that he will do the scan and the report will come in the evening. Yash asks Neena, why she didn’t take Saanchi to a doctor. Neena tells him that Doctor said that Saanchi cannot get pregnant. Suparna gets tensed.

Neena calls the doctor and asks her why the wrong diagnosis happened. Doctor asks her to send Saanchi’s report. Suparna tries to burn Saanchi’s original report, but gets caught by Dhruv. Dhruv takes her to Neena and Yash. Dhruv shows the original reports to Neena and Yash. Yash and Neena get shocked. They scold her for trying to kill Saanchi’s kid. Anway sees powder on the stairs and feels it is the same talcum powder which Suparna uses. He brings her truth infront of his family.

Yash asks him not to raise his hand on her else it will be difficult for him to get divorce. Suparna asks, how can he say that. Yash says, how dare she tried to kill his heir. Saanchi hears their conversation and asks if she is pregnant. Dhruv says yes and tells her that Suparna changed her report. Doctor comes and tells everyone that the baby is fine and having a good heart beat. Everyone is happy. Yash thanks the doctor. Saanchi hugs Neena. Neena and Yash apologize to Saanchi for their behavior.

Saanchi goes to Suparna and confronts her. Suparna cries and asks for one last chance. Saanchi says, she can’t forgive her as she tried to kill her child. Suparna falls on her feet. Saanchi asks her to prove that she has changed. She tells her that you won’t leave the house being the elder bahu. Suparna thanks and hugs her.

Dhruv takes care of Saanchi and her cravings. He takes her to have Pani Puri and icecream. Saanchi gets happy. Dhruv tells her that mom told her about these cravings.Then they dance on the Jee Le Zara song and gets romantic. Saanchi gives birth to twin babies, Dev and Diya. All the family members get happy. Yash says, he got two heirs. Anway announces of Suparna’s pregnancy. Everyone get happy. The show ended happily and the cast pose for the picture.

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