Pari to propose Sattu..

Zee TV’s Meri Saasu Maa has always tried its best to deliver engaging content concerning the blossoming love story between Sattu (Pearl V Puri) and Pari (Hiba Nawab).

Sattu has been trying hard to confess his love to Pari and in the episodes ahead, Pari herself will propose Sattu much to his surprise!

Furthermore, when Sattu will happen to lose a contract because of his lower education, Maasa (Anindita Kapileshwari) will propose to transfer the entire business in Pari’s name given the fact that she is more educated than Sattu. Upset with this recommendation, Sattu will enter into a state of depression but his life-support Pari will console him to pursue the education in the same college where she teaches.

A source informs, “There may be a chance of some conflicting moments between Sattu and Pari due to the happenings in the college in the future tracks. ”

Keep reading this space for more updates!

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