MUMBAI:   Star Plus’ Rajjo is doing quite well and winning the hearts of viewers. Rajjo, an aspiring athlete from Uttarakhand, goes through many challenges in the program. Manorama, Rajjo’s mother, has a troubled past and is opposed to Rajjo being an athlete.

The show is about how Rajjo responds to the past and fulfills her aspirations in the present after being split up from her mother in the Kedarnath flood, and her chance meeting with Arjun. The show is gearing up with an interesting storyline as Rajjo is getting married.

We often hear of the tiffs and the rifts that happen in the telly town but everything happens behind closed doors and closed sets. 

Rarely do we get to see fights happen on sets in front of everyone but the cast of Rajjo shocked everyone when a reel life fight turned real.

Actor Utkarsh Gupta posted a video from the set of what was supposed to be a fake fight turning real with aggression and passion, the actors even broke their wristwatches.

While the fight was for a scene, it did confuse fans as if it was real.

The video posted by Utkarsh captures all the tension and stress. Check it out:  

Meanwhile on the show, Rajjo feels heartbroken remembering how everything happened between her and Arjun. She sees the mandap and the wedding decorations and feels sad. She decides to leave with her broken heart but it’s not the end for Rajjo’s suffering as Arjun comes out and gives Rajjo a cheque, saying that it’s a payment for becoming his wife.

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