Will Krish support Nandini after knowing her bitter past? Let’s wait and watch

Nandini (Mahhi Vij) and Krish (Ruslaan Mumtaz) have got married and the couple looks forward to a prosperous life ahead in Colors’ Balika Vadhu. But will their relationship succeed to survive, let alone flourish?
Well, the upcoming episodes promise to bring in a thrilling new twist, much to the amusement of the audience. In the story ahead, Kundan (Vineet Kumar) will gear up to avenge the demise of his father by tormenting Nandini.

Right on the first night of their marriage, Krish consumes milk that has been spiked due to which he is unable to have a good ‘suhagraat’. The viewers’ expectations to see some romantic moments between Nandini and Krish hence, come to a standstill.

Now, Kundan will try to misbehave with Nandini when she is home alone and will present to her the ill truth that Krish is none other than his stepson and that he got him married to Nandini in order to take revenge from her!

Shocked on hearing this truth, Nandini will hold her view firm that her love bond will stand strong against all odds. Not only that, she will also threaten him to confide the same in Krish. Here, Kundan will take utmost advantage of Nandini’s weakness and will start blackmailing her.

Furthermore, the track will progress to Nandini’s Mooh dhikahyi’ ceremony where Kundan will once again practice his evil antics on Nandini but this time, he will end up with a tight slap on his face! Angry on seeing her husband being slapped, Nandini’s mother-in-law will question her actions. Unwillingly, Nandini will have to confide the truth that she was once married to her husband, Kundan!

Nauseated by this news, Krish’s mother will fall unconscious, making the family worried about her health. When a protective rather possessive Krish will probe Nandini as to how her mother fainted, Kundan will add fuel to the fire thereby accusing Nandini of the ordeal, leaving Krish infuriated.

This track surely gives us goosebumps!!!

Will Krish accept Nandini and Kundan’s previous relationship and support her or will he deject her? Only time will tell!

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