In Jee Le Zara, Dhruv asks Saanchi about Addu’s being insulted at their house. He asks, why she didn’t inform him. He goes to Suparna and warns her to stop doing the tricks against Saanchi and her family. Suparna taunts Addu and tells Dhruv that Addu went out of the house to roam freely like a spoilt brat. Dhruv says, he knows the truth well. Suparna taunts Neena and says she didn’t teach Dhruv how to behave with elders. Anway supports Dhruv and blames Suparna and Ankita for compelling Addu to leave the house. He asks her to say sorry to Dhruv and Saanchi. Suparna refuses.

Anway apologizes to Neena for protecting Suparna’s dirty politics in the past. Saanchi asks him to forgive Suparna as she is elder daughter in law of the house. Anway praises Saanchi as she always tried to unite the family unlike Suparna. Suparna gets angry.

Dhruv tells Saanchi that she didn’t do the right thing by protecting Suparna. Saanchi says, she is elder daughter in law. She asks him not to worry about Addu as he knows his responsibilities. Dhruv asks Saanchi about her rash. Saanchi says, she didn’t check her report. Suparna sees Saanchi’s report and is shocked to know that she is 6 weeks pregnant. She thinks this kid will separate Dhruv and Saanchi.

Dhruv prepares halwa for Saanchi and tells her that he is ready to have a child. He decides on their kids name as well. Saanchi gets emotional. Dhruv too gets emotional and apologizes to her for not understanding her feelings before. Anway comes to his room. Suparna acts apologetic. Anway asks her to accept Saanchi and says he is proud of Dhruv as he has become responsible. He says, he won’t allow her to do politics in the house. Suparna says, she will change, but needs some time. Anway asks her to make a fresh start.

Suparna comes and apologizes to Neena and Saanchi. Saanchi forgives and hugs her. Neena too forgives her. Suparna determines to teach a lesson to Saanchi. Suparna reminds Saanchi to go to the doctor in the evening. She makes call to someone and asks him to do as she said. Saanchi calls Dilshaad and informs her that Dhruv agreed to have a baby. Dilshaad gets happy. Saanchi searches for the reports but doesn’t find it. Someone comes and gives the fake reports to Suparna.

Suparna hides the report in her room. Saanchi takes it and goes to the doctor with Dhruv. They talk about baby. Doctor checks the report and says chances of conception is very less because of her age. Saanchi and Dhruv are shocked. Doctor further adds that her thyroid and prolactin count is high. Doctor prescribe the medicines. Dhruv consoles Saanchi. Saanchi hugs him and cries. They come home and go to their room. Suparna is happy seeing them tensed. Aaji calls Saanchi and tells her that she kept her childhood frock for her daughter. Saanchi breaks down and cries.

Neena gets tensed as Saanchi didn’t tell her anything. Suparna suggests Neena to talk to doctor. Doctor informs Neena that Saanchi’s prolactin and thyroid are high and there is less chances for her pregnancy. Neena gets tensed. Suparna adds that Saanchi is aged and that’s why having complications. Saanchi recalls Doctor’s words and cries. Dhruv tells her that they can adopt a baby. He just needs her and nothing else. Saanchi says him sorry. Neena overhears them.

Saanchi says sorry to Neena. Neena asks her to rest and not to think anything. Dhruv asks Saanchi to relax as his mom is very understandable. Dhruv plans a dinner at restaurant for Saanchi. Neena gets changed thinking Dhruv cannot become dad. Suparna fills Neena’s ears against Saanchi. Neena calls Yash and asks him when he is coming? He says, he has to handle one more deal.

Anway tells Dhruv that they can show Saanchi to a good doctor and science has made a lot of advancements. He asks him to be positive. Dhruv thanks him. He goes to have dinner. Saanchi calls Dilshaad and informs her about the report. Dilshaad gets sad. Saanchi asks her not to inform Aaji and Nani as they will be disappointed and sad. Dilshaad says okay.

Sunil and Prachi come to Saanchi’s house. Sunil thanks Saanchi for giving him business deal. Prachi gives her ladoos and says she is pregnant now with doctor’s treatment. Neena is shocked and drops the laddoo from her hand and goes inside. Suparna comes and informs Prachi that Saanchi can’t become a mother. Prachi and Sunil are shocked. Prachi hugs her and cries. Addu comes with Dhruv and cries hearing the news. Suparna gets at peace.

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