The show picks up the pace…

The thrilling tale of vengeance and love has finally kickstarted with Ruchika, Rocky and Shivangi gradually coming together to form a love triangle amidst Shivangi discovering that she is a ‘Naagin’.

Rocky has refused to marry Ruchika while on the other hand, Shivanya wants to get her daughter Shivangi married before the age of 25 to prevent her from turning into a ‘Naagin’!

Shivangi has now agreed to get married to Aditya.

In the upcoming episodes, Rocky will find out that Shivanya and Aditya will soon get into a matrimonial alliance. In a series of events, Rocky and Aditya will end up proving their strength in a wrestling match where Rocky will choose to loose.

A source informs, “Rocky has deep love for Shivangi and wants her to realize his love. He will hence give up fighting the match by getting whacked by Aditya and watching this, Shivangi will get emotional.”

Furthermore, Yamini will find out about Rocky’s feelings for Shivangi and will bribe shooters to murder Shivangi. All Yamini has is mind is owning the ‘Naagmani’ and hence wants Rocky to get married to Ruchika.

While Rocky and Shivanya come searching for her, they will spot Shivangi shot, lying in a pool of blood. Yamini is unaware of Shivangi being Shivanya’s daughter. It will be interesting to see what happens when the facts unfold!

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