MUMBAI: Bigg Boss 17 is one of the most sought after shows on television. The show is controversial in nature and most of the contestants, unseen side comes forth as they are watched 24/7 on the streaming channels. From fights to sharing laughs to engaging in verbal spats and also getting physical, the reality show has seen it all.

Among the many contestants, Isha Malviya’s life has been the most controversial of all. It earlier started with Abhishek Kumar being her ex-boyfriend and her entering on the same show. Then she accused him of hitting her and trying to mend things and just then people thought that Abhishek and Isha are good together, there came a bolt of lightning in the form of Samarth Jurel who claimed to be her current boyfriend.

This completely broke Abhishek down.

Isha earlier did not accept that Samarth is her boyfriend but later admitted to it. The two have been seen cuddling and indulging in display of affection on national television.

Now, Isha’s father has reacted to their relationship as the show is inching closer to its finale.

Isha’s father mentioned that in their generation, they found it difficult to tell their parents if they wanted to go out with friends and this is about her being in a relationship. He said that a girl who is in her teens is bound to hide having a boyfriend and it is only natural. He expressed that when she comes out of the house, he will speak to her and if he seems like a person who is well suited for her daughter, they will consider it.

Those are some well said thoughts, isn’t it?

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