MUMBAI :Business-mortgage is back with another ‘Behind The Scenes’ update for its viewers. The audience has given Parineetii a thumbs-up. The show stars Ankur Verma, Tanvi Dogra, and Anchal Sahu in the lead roles and it focuses on two best friends Pari and Neeti who end up marrying Rajeev, who is Sanju for Neeti.

Parineetii is running successfully now and the audience likes the leading trio. The entire team works round the clock to provide the audience with the episodes that they so eagerly await.

However, the episodes aren’t the only thing that our viewers indulge in! They also like to know about what goes on Behind the scenes on the show, and what happens in the lives of their favorite celebs.

In this new post, we came across some BTS pictures of the sets of Parineetii and we are desperately trying to know what will be the upcoming track of the show. All the actors of the show seem to have dressed up in costumes from Bollywood films and are looking fab in their new avatar.

Now, we are officially intrigued to find out what is going to happen in the upcoming episodes of the show and why are the stars dressed up?

Care to hazard any guesses?

Do let us know in the comments section below!

Meanwhile on Parineetii, Neeti has ended up in hospital due to her severe condition and Rajeev and Pari are going mad with worry for her. Pari feels its her fault while she and Rajeev console each other constantly over how Neeti will be fine.

Rajeev tells Pari that she is too kind to hurt anyone intentionally and is doing a lot for Neeti and Biji, however, he can’t lose Neeti or his baby. Neeti wakes up later and is upset with Rajeev. She doesn’t want him to be close to her and pushes him away, going hysteric.

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