The track ahead will showcase a love triangle between Bihaan, Thapki and Dhruv in Thapki…Pyaar Ki

Thapki…Pyaar Ki on Colors has reached a point where all the conspiracies by Vasundhara (Jaya Bhattacharya) have reached to a saturation point.

Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) and Bihaan (Manish Goplani) are now together and are headstrong in love. But can a love story be called epic without the couple facing any hindrances?

The show would reach an end if all culminated well. Hence, the writers have now churned out another circumstance to swing the plot where Dhruv (Ankit Bathla) will come to know that it was Vasundhara, who conspired and separated him and Thapki. He will be disheartened and will decide to break all relations with his mother!

Not only that, when Bihaan will attempt to console him, Dhruv will snap at him stating that if he wanted, the relationship could have been saved. This only proves that Dhruv still has feelings for Thapki. What’s more exciting is watching the two men go through an emotional battle of winning over the beautiful lady’s love?

Whom do you want to see Thapki with – Bihaan or Dhruv? Drop in your views in the comment section below!

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