MUMBAI : Business-mortgage. is back with yet another story from the Tellyworld. Now, we bring to you Sargun Kaur Luthra getting candid about her show, her bond with co-stars and more.

Widely known as Dr. Preesha Khurana from Yeh Hai Chahatein, now Nayantara, Sargun has come a long way and has managed to become one of the topmost TV stars.

Her chemistry with co-star Abrar Qazi is adored by the masses and they love to see the magic that blends on-screen. Now, Tellychakkar got in contact with the actress and she spoke in detail about the show, her bond with new co-stars and more:-

1. What does the Yeh Hai Chahatein Family do off-screen?

So, when Mallika ji was there before the leap and Karan, all of them were there. So they had been with us for a long time since the show began. We became very good friends, sang songs, and teased each other if we were not shooting.

I would go and sit in Mallika ji’s room and if I had something on mind, like gossips, I would share with her and we would all eat together.

Now, Alia, Ishaani and Mohit are there so even we have a lot of fun talking with each other.

2. Where is the upcoming track heading?

We can see that gradually, Samrat and Nayan are warming up to each other and slowly we can see a relationship building. Earlier, there was nothing between them and now, a sort of friendship is blooming between the two.

3. What is your bond like with the new cast that has joined in recently?

Bharat, Ishita, Jayati, Swati we all have a good bond. Ishita recently joined but we have bonded well and recently she got injured, we all were teasing her. With Jayati, since we both are from Delhi, that vibe matches with her.

Bharat too is like a kid, very fun loving and even with Swati, we gossip and have a lot of fun and since we all are from the same age group, our vibe matches too!

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