MUMBAI: Business-mortgage is back with yet another update from the telly world. Anupamaa has been one of the most adored shows on television; its gripping storyline and contemporary themes educate the audiences about different issues, from domestic violence and live-in relationships to familial bonds.

As we know in the current track Anuj and Anupamaa will stay in their own mansion. In this video we see that the entire cast of Anupamaa is celebrating the new Beginning in the new Kapadia house. Take a look at this video to see who all were part of the celebration.

Meanwhile in the show, Ankush and Barkha are greeted with a lot of love but when they find out about Anupama’s ownership rights on their new house, it totally turns out to be a disappointment for them.

Now, Barkha and Ankush’s evil side gets exposed.

Therefore, Ankush decides to do business with Anupama and get closer to her so that he can get more shares in the Kapadia Property.

And this will put Anupama in a big dilemma.

When Ankush makes an offer, Anupama finds it difficult to decide.

Will Anuj help Anupama here?

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