MUMBAI: A lot has happened during the fifth week of the show.

This season is doing pretty well for itself as it’s gaining good TRP rating and one of the reasons is the content that has been generated by the contestants.

We have seen the fight between Shalin and Gautam, there were problems when it came to Shalin’s food.

People questioned Soundarya and Gautam’s relationship, and how the entire house went on a hunger strike.

We also saw that Abdu became the captain of the house and how excited and happy he was.

Yesterday, the Shukarvaar Ka Vaar episode was telecasted and we saw how Salman Khan took the case of Shalin and Archana for creating problems in the house.

He questioned Shalin about his obsession to have chicken and told him how irritating it was. He also schooled Archana for calling Bigg Boss a robber as they have no clue who has taken her luggage.

In the upcoming episode, Salman Khan will take the case of Sajid Khan and tell him that he has double standards. 

He will call all the three nominated contestants out to have a one – on – one conversation with them.

Salman will tell Soundarya that he would like to show something to her, and he shows how Gautam never took a stand for her, and when people made fun of her he kept quiet and never defended her.

He tells her that the person who you were defending and fighting for didn’t utter a word and was laughing along when people made fun of you, which leaves Soundarya in shock.

When she returns back to the house, she will question Gautam about the same and tell him that she is hurt since he didn’t take stand for her.

She breaks down and tells him that if her father was there, he would have slapped that person who spoke things like this.

Gautam tries to justify himself but all in vain as Soundarya doesn’t listen to a word.

Well, it will be interesting to see if Guatam and Saundarya will mend their differences.

Would this be the end of their relationship?

Do let us know in the comments below.

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