MUMBAI :The Pandya Store couple Shiva and Raavi make a great pair on-screen and are immensely loved by the audience. The show Pandya Store is doing really well and the audience loves the track, keeping them hooked. They are one of the best pairs and the most loved. They have had a journey like Tom and Jerry, where they fight, they make up. Shiva has anger issues and Raavi knows how to manage that. The two make a great on-screen couple and are even given a ship name called ShiVi.

But what makes it even greater is that the reel couple is together in real life too. The fans have always loved them and apart from ShiVi, they have another ship named KDice for Kanwar Dhillon and Alice.

The two are quite active on social media and keep sharing glimpses from the show and their lives. The fans love watching the glimpses knowing what the two are up to when not shooting.

It looks like the two went on a date recently and Kanwar shared the cutest glimpse of Alice. He shared a video where Alice can be seen just playing with the glass with her nose and it is hilarious. Kanwar captioned it, “Heights of boredom”. Alice shared the glimpse saying “WTD”. It is quite cute.

Talking about their love story, Kanwar had shared with an entertainment portal, “It was a gradual process and not instant. We shared beautiful chemistry on screen, which eventually transformed into real chemistry. Unknowingly, we are similar to our characters — Shiva and Raavi. We would joke about how it would be so chaotic or difficult to play Shiva-Raavi in real life because they are so different and yet, we grew fond of each other over time. And finally, I found that there was more to our connection. Our bond strengthened when we shot through the second lockdown away from our families in Bikaner.”

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