In Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar, Dr. Neil calls Dr. Aman and insists on speaking to his patient Pari. Aman gives the phone to Sunny Tai. Sunny Tani thinks it is her Saheb on the other line and asks him to call every week. Pari talks to Neil and says she wants to thank him. Neil says she can when he comes to India next time. Pam talks to Ranbir and tells him that Agam and Suhani want to meet Ragini. Ranbir says he will talk to them. Pam starts badmouthing about Ragini and calls her as opportunistic. Ragini saves some money for Neil’s kids in their piggy banks. She tells her mum that she will send that money when they get married. Suhani and Agam insist to go to India. Neil agrees to let them go and thinks let the kids realize how cruel their mom is. Ranbir accompanies Suhani and Agam on the trip so that he can keep an eye on them. Nishi gets sad thinking about her father and siblings. Jignesh tries to cheer her up. They reach India. Agam goes out after leaving a letter for Ranbir. Ranbir gets tensed. Agam gets in the bus and tries to flirt with a girl. All the women start scolding him. Ragini comes to his rescue. Agam tells the ladies that she is his mum. Ragini saves him and drops him at the hotel. She sees Ranbir scolding Agam and smiles. Agam tells Ranbir that the lady dropped him at the hotel and even saved him. Agam asks Ranbir, did he find anything about Ragini. Ranbir says no. Later Ranbir calls Pam and informs her about Agam coming back to hotel.

Jignesh and his parents come to Karan’s restaurant and finalises the cuisine for the kids’ wedding. Jignesh’s parents ask the cook to mix gujrati food in punjabi. Cook refused to cook according to their taste and asks them to find different hotel. Ragini, and Nishi come with their family. Jignesh welcomes her. Aman too comes and tells Ragini that Nishi invited him. Karan tells Jignesh’s father that he can’t fulfill their demands, but on seeing Ragini, he agrees to give 70 percent discount too. Ragini insists on changing the restaurant. Ranbir brings Suhani and Agam to the same restaurant. They both like its ambience. Ranbir says they are going back in 2 days. They both say they did not meet mom yet. He says his decision is final. Suhani goes to the washroom to wear her saree properly. Ragini helps her correct her sari. Suhani gets emotional and thinks if her mother would have been there, she would have been like her. She thanks her and leaves. Karan sees them and gets happy. He calls up Neil and tells him that he is going to get the kids meet their mother. Neil tells him that he will come to India and introduce his kids to their mom. He asks Karan not do anything till he comes. He recalls Pam and Dimpy’s words.

Karan thinks destiny wants Ragini and her children to unite and he will help them. Neil thinks though Ragini has moved on, his children is his priority and has to go to India. Karan and Dimpy bring Suhani, Ranbir and Agam to their home and inform that Neil is coming tomorrow and he will take them to Nishi’s engagement. Pam calls Suhani, informs her about getting selected at the unversity she was dreaming about and asks her to come back. Suhani agrees sadly and goes to the airport. Neil and Pam fly down to India. He directly goes to Ragini’s house. She is surprised to see him. He gets into house himself and says she is same arrogant as before and they both reminiscences their divorce. Neil tell her that he’s there to attend Nishi’s wedding. They both start verbal argument. She says when he has come, he will get a nice treatment like other guests, he can stay, eat and walk out. Neil asks her about her new husband Aman. Ragini gets shocked. Pam talks to Dimpy and thinks to get Neil married to Nivedita.

Aman calls Ragini and asks her to reach hospital right now as Dr. Neil has come. Ragini thinks he went to hospital to confront Aman. Neil goes to meet Doctor Aman. Aman starts praising Ragini saying that she runs his hospital and even his life. Neil feels pity on doctor Aman and thinks he must be Ragini’s puppet and runs behind her. Ragini gets into Aman’s cabin and requests if he can become her husband for some days. Ragini and Neil have a verbal argument again. Ranbir tells Agam that Pam is their mother now and Ragini left them 15 years back. Neil reaches engagement venue with Pam. Dr. Aman greets them by folding hands. Neil says Pam that Aman is Ragini’s husband and starts scolding him for being her puppet. Pam says he looks jealous. Neil says he doesn’t. Agam and Ranbir reach engagement venue with Karan. Agam goes to meet his mom in the dressing room and gets happy seeing Ragini. He says he came at the right place and tells that he didn’t know she is his mother. He hugs him. Ragini gets emotional. Neil comes and sees them hugging. Ragini recalls the deal with Neil and moves back. Keep reading.

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