In Tum Aise Hi Rehna, Rukmani gives promise to Abhi not to show his face to her again. Abhi gets sad and walks on the road unconsciously. He is about to get hit by the truck, but someone saves him. Sarthak comes there and brings him home. He tells his family that Abhi was about to be killed. He asks his mum to forgive Abhi. Sheetal calls Ria and informs her about Abhi’s accident. Lata and Vishesh decide to go to Maheshwari’s home for the judgement. Kailash asks Rukmani to forgive Abhi and reminds her that their elder son Jatin went far from there because of her decision. Vishesh and Lata come there and apologize to them. Rukmani goes to Abhi and takes back the promise given by her. Abhi gets glad and hugs her. Rukmani changes her decision and accepts Ria’s proposal. Lata and Vishesh get happy.

Abhi calls Ria and requests her to meet him for one last time. Ria gets emotional and agrees. She reaches the restaurant and gets surprised on receiving a number of bouquets on Abhi’s behalf. She reads the letter about Abhi’s family agreeing to her alliance. She gets happy. Rukmani tells Raman that she won’t accept Ria. Raman asks her to rethink about her decision and tries to convince her against it. Ria promises Abhi that she will be a good daughter for his mum. Rukmani plans to make Abhi realize his mistake by marrying Ria and therefore decides to let him marry Ria.

Sarthak and Sheetal give a fabulous dance performance on the song Wah Wah Ram Ji…………. Rukmani introduces Ria to her guests and tells them that Ria is a PHD doctor. Ria gets shocked and tells Abhi that Rukmani is misunderstanding. Abhi tells her that Radhe Sham does the blunder about her qualification. Pinky and Kiran come back home. Sheetal takes them inside and asks them not to tell anyone about Ria being a MBBS doctor. They agree. Rukmani introduces Ria to Pinky and Kiran. Ria and Abhi get engaged. They take elders’ blessings. Rukmani gets upset and smashes flower petals in her hand. Sarthak asks Abhi and Ria to keep quiet until they get married. Ria agrees.

Vishesh’s didi come to their house. Lata gets tensed and informs her about Ria’s engagement. She informs her about Maheshwari family. Didi gets shocked knowing about Rukmani as she knows about her conservative nature. Jatin comes to Ria’s hospital to meet her. Ria invites him for her wedding and asks her to be at her side as her brother. Jatin agrees. Didi tells Vishesh and Lata that she will invite Jatin for the marriage. They get tensed. Ria tells her family that she invited her old patient Jatin to do the dutues of a brother. Rukmani tells her family that she will not attend the wedding if anyone calls Jatin for the same. Later she scolds Sarthak and Abhi for getting the card published in light color. She adds that Ria’s qualification is not written and people may think that Ria is a MBBS doctor. She asks Revathi to get guest list from bride’s side. She agrees.

Abhi recalls Jatin and calls him. He asks what he is doing tomorrow. Jatin says he has important function to attend tomorrow. Abhi says ok and is about to tell him about his marriage, just then Rukmani comes and asks him not to invite Jatin else she will stay away from his marriage. Abhi gets Jatin’s call. Abhi doesn’t tell him anything. Dheer asks Abhi to meet Ria before their marriage. Ria’s sangeet function starts. Vishesh and Lata get emotional.

Didi dances on the song Sasural Kenda Phool…………Ria comes and sees her room decorated. Abhi closes the door and compliments on her beauty. He gets romantic and looks at her in the mirror. She gets shy. Rukmani goes to Abhi’s room and knocks on his door. Dheer gets tensed and lies to Rukmani. Revathi knocks on Ria’s door and asks her to open it. Ria tells that the door is locked as she can’t open as her hands is with mehendi. Lata brings the keys. Abhi leaves the place. Dheer calls Abhi and asks him to talk to Rukmani while he places the call on loudspeaker. Abhi talks to Rukmani. Revathi asks Lata and Vishesh to give them guest list. Didi says we never heard about exchanging guest list and goes to her room. Lata agrees. Keep reading.

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