MUMBAI : Bigg Boss 16 has begun and the fans are super excited for the new season. Bigg Boss is the biggest reality show on Indian television. The show has had 15 successful seasons with the mega star Salman Khan hosting since season 4. But this year, the game is different and Bigg Boss is coming up with all kinds of twists and turns.

We saw Salman lashing out at contestants by saying that Bigg Boss is biased. He said that everyone calls Bigg Boss biased according to their own convenience. For this season of Bigg Boss, what used to be considered a luxury budget has just been given to them without any hassle. Bigg Boss has made the house more and more convenient and still, there are people who complain. Soundraya has complained about the vegan food which Bigg Boss provides but Salman thinks that Bigg Boss should stop because she is clearly not grateful.

This week in the promos, we saw that Gori will get into a very big fight with Sajid when she gets accused of stealing and Sajid becomes abusive and violent. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what happens.

In an exclusive update, we report that Shiv and Gori get into a massive argument and the following conversation happens.

Shiv to Gori, “Aap khali baithe ho, lunch ke liye kuch saman chahiye toh laa dene mein bhi problem hai. Maine toh sab lake diya tha but unko aur kuch chahiye toh aap lake de sakte the, phir bhi ek hi jagah pe baithe ho. Fokat ka khana kha rahe hai.”

Gori replies to Shiv, “Aapko kya chahiye mai khana na khau? Maine room se kuch ration liya toh aap bolte ho chori kar rahi hu mai. Aur aap mere baap bano maat.”

It will be interesting to see what happens on the show. We saw in the promo that Sajid was very angry and was breaking things. Will Bigg Boss take any action?

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