MUMBAI: Anupamaa has been ruling our television screens and always tops the ratings every week. Rupali Ganguly plays the titular character.

Sudhanshu Pandey has now become a household name and everyone loves him as Vanraj Shah on Anupamaa. He has a mixed character full of emotions and is very unpredictable in every situation.

Sudhanshu Pandey has succeeded in doing a great job as Vanraj. His portrayal of the character is so good and has been winning hearts ever since the show began.

This is Sudhanshu’s first daily soap. He was a part of various films before this. As a matter of fact, Sudhanshu Pandey was first reported in the media for being a part of India’s first boy band, A Band of Boys, in the early 2000s. A few years later, the group disbanded and Sudhanshu ventured into acting.

Sudhanshu also regularly appeared in Tamil cinema throughout the 2010s, and first portrayed the main villain in Billa II (2012) starring Ajith Kumar. He later followed it up with roles in Meaghamann (2014), Indrajith (2017) and 2.0 (2018), the most expensive Indian film at the time of its release.

Business-mortgage recently got in touch with the actor and got to know interesting insights.

What can the audience expect from the upcoming track of Anupamaa?

“The audience can expect a lot of drama, emotions, sentiments and entertainment as Anupamaa has always served.”

Vanraj has a complete graph on the show from being aggressive to being caring to being protective, he has been a mix of every emotion.  What do you have to say about your character’s graph or journey on the show up until now?

I have always said that Vanraj Shah in spite of being the male protagonist of a show like this has not been a very typical male protagonist, he has always been a grey shade character. He is real and that is the beauty of the character. He is very human, vulnerable, unpredictable, impulsive, caring and he is very aggressive. He has all the qualities that we have and face every now and then. I think it is something that gives me a chance to explore an actor’s mind with every episode. I love my journey as vanraj Shah till now. To maintain my sanity as Sudhanshu, I do not carry it home. I disconnect with it as soon as I am done with the shoot.

What would you say were your struggling days like before you got your first break?

Fortunately, I did not see any struggling days because I was nineteen when I started modelling and I got the biggest campaign in the country and I worked with the biggest agency, photographer and ad film maker. My ad was released as a centre spread of TIMES magazine so I don’t think I can call my days as struggling. I started to get work so early, became the country’s top model and all my batch mates whether it is Arjun Rampal, Rahul Dev, Dino Morea, Himanshu Malik and John Ibraham, did modelling at that time and I think all the models have done fairly well. I don’t think anybody had to struggle too much. God has been very kind and I think we all have done well in our own ways. I am sure I have a lot more to offer as an actor in the future and I am looking forward to it.

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