MUMBAI :Udaariyaan is an Indian television drama series that airs on Colors TV. We are always at the forefront of delivering TV news from your favorite shows so you’ll don’t miss out on the happenings around them! The new star cast – Hitesh Bharadwaj, Twinkle Arora and Sonakshi Batra, have taken charge and are doing outstandingly well.

Our favorite TV celebs know how much the viewers and fans enjoy watching some behind the scenes masti and so, they keep the audience entertained by sharing some tidbits from the sets or their personal lives.

The actors are perpetually updating their fans with the ongoing in their personal life and some bts on a good day to let us know what goes on the sets.

Recently, a lot of BTS videos are circulating around the weddings about to happen on the show. Now, we came across a video of Twinkle Arora aka Nehmat from the sets and she captioned the video as, “Ro ro ke bura haal.”

Now, we know that you’ll must be overly familiar with the stereotype of TV bahus having to cry a lot for the camera and add more drama to the plot and since the weddings are happening in Udaariyaan, we can’t help but wonder of becoming a bahu has officially led to this situation for Twinkle too or was it just an intense scene.

While we don’t know what is going to happen in the weddings yet, we can’t stop wondering if Twinkle has joined the league of Bahus who will have to have a lot of crying scenes for the plot of the show and that is why she got tired!

Meanwhile on the show, there are many twists awaiting the audience in the wedding sequence and we are as intrigued as the audience to know who will finally marry whom. We know that Mallika is missing and Nehmat was seen dressed as the bride. Meanwhile, Ekam tries to contact Mallika but to no avail.

Now, Shamsher finds some pictures and tells Advait to find any girl and marry her if Mallika doesn’t show up. Advait is now worried over what will happen next.

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