MUMBAI :  Business-mortgage is back with another ‘Behind The Scenes’ update for its viewers. The audience has given Parineetii a thumbs-up. The show stars Ankur Verma, Tanvi Dogra, and Anchal Sahu in the lead roles and it focuses on two best friends Pari and Neeti who end up marrying Rajeev, who is actually ‘Sanju’ for Neeti.

Parineetii is running successfully now and the audience likes the leading trio. The entire team works round the clock to provide the audience with the episodes that they so eagerly await.

However, the episodes aren’t the only thing that our viewers indulge in! They also like to know about what goes on Behind the scenes on the show, and what happens in the lives of their favorite celebs.

We came across a new post by Rishi Grover aka Monty. Monty is someone who often lightens up the scene that is too intense and adds comic relief to the show.

Rishi often keeps his social media updated and this time he shared pictures from his childhood.

Well, we are not surprised that he was dressed as a girl back then and we are aware that mothers often dressed up their little boys as girls as part of their ‘janmsiddh adhikaar’.

However, Rishi looked adorable in those clicks.

So, did you too ever find yourself stuck in such experiments? Do let us know in the comments section below!

Meanwhile on Parineetii, Pari finds herself alone and soon she sees Rakesh behind her. She pleads with him to leave her alone but to no avail. Rakesh tries to get close to her and finally brings out a knife and Pari is on the verge of breaking down but soon, she wakes up and realizes that it was a bad dream.

Pami comes in and hugs Pari who had woken up with a scream and soon Neeti and Rajeev come in too. However, Pari doesn’t reveal her actual dream to them so as to not worry her and later, she talks to Neeti after Rajeev leaves.

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